How to avoid damaging your sofa in summer? Tips against salt and sand

30 August 2021

In summer, your sofa is a great ally for naps and for avoiding the heat of the bedroom, but sand and salt, which inexorably arrive in the house after days spent at the seaside, risk ruining our favourite piece of furniture. How can we avoid this problem?

calia italia divano gio

Protecting your sofa from salt and sand in summer: cleaning and maintenance tips

So you’ve just spent a very pleasant day at the beach and as happens at the end of all days at the beach, you come home tired. Then you absent-mindedly sit down for two minutes on the sofa before going for a shower, or your children catapult themselves onto the sofa, or you mindlessly place your beach bag on your favourite piece of furniture. At this point, a reasonable doubt arises in your mind – isn’t my sofa at risk of being ruined by sand and salt? This is a danger that you risk especially if you live in a seaside area or have a second home in a seaside location, where it is easier for the sofa to come into contact with sand and salt on a regular basis. However, there is a solution! From the choice of the type of covering, to cleaning and maintenance, you only need to know some small tips to have a sofa as good as new even after a long summer season!

How to choose a sofa to avoid problems with sand and salt

If you are in the process of choosing a new sofa for your seaside home (or simply want a sofa that can withstand the impact of summer days spent by the pool or on the beach), the best solution is to opt for a model with a completely removable fabric or microfibre cover. Leather sofas risk being scratched by grains of sand and dust and dirt can be very difficult to clean from velvet sofas. Instead, microfibre is generally a good solution because it is hard-wearing and most covers made of this material are removable, which means they are easily machine-washable. When it comes to colours, it can be smart to opt for darker shades, especially brown or earthy tones.

To meet the needs of its customers, Calia Italia has launched two sections dedicated to the leather and fabric upholstery of its models, where it is possible to choose between types and all colour variants.

calia italia divano alicudi

An example of a Calia Italia sofa available in removable fabric and in various dark shades is ‘Alicudi’, whose name takes its origin from the island of the same name. Its back is seamlessly joined to the headrest and armrests and it sits on the base like an island on the water. In terms of functionality, the tilting backrest allows the depth of the seat to be adjusted just as the beaches of the island move back and forth depending on the tide. Available in fabric and microfibre, in various colours (including burnt sienna) and with removable covers, it is a perfect model for combining elegance, comfort and practicality.

How to clean a sofa that comes into contact with sand and salt

With fabric or micro-fibre sofas, it is advisable to clean them daily (or at least frequently) with a vacuum cleaner to get rid of any sand and salt. If the cover is removable, you should also machine wash it from time to time.

calia italia divano venere

On the other hand, if you have a beautiful leather sofa in your home, such as Calia Italia’s ‘Venere’ model, to avoid scratches you will need to use a soft, dry cloth to remove grains of sand and dust.

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Finally, if you don’t want to give up on a refined and elegant velvet sofa, such as the ‘Art Nouveau’ model by Calia Italia, you will have to carry out frequent and accurate cleaning. You’ll need to use a soft brush to pass back and forth over the sofa to eliminate any possible residues, remembering to avoid rubbing the leather or velvet too vigorously.

How to prevent problems with sand and salt: use sofa covers

In addition to careful sofa cleaning, you can help your sofa survive the summer unscathed by using a few little tricks. A sofa cover, especially if you have a leather or velvet sofa, is a good choice for the warmer months and if you have a leather sofa, it can also help you to avoid that sticky, uncomfortable feeling as well as dirt.