Sofas with variable seat depth for unique comfort

5 Mai 2023

Sofas with variable seat depth have featured heavily amongst the most popular requests on the market recently – but why is this? Undoubtedly, sofas with variable seat depth significantly increase the comfort of those who choose to lie down. They can accommodate the body along its entire length thereby releasing tension and compression on the abdominal muscles and lower limbs, which are sensitive areas of our body that are most affected by incorrect seating and poor ergonomics.

Many latest generation products fall into the category of sofas with variable seat depth and in this dedicated guide, we would like to go over the main features, characteristics and advantages of such sofas. This type of product represents the union of design, technology and comfort and we’re going to guide you through how you can make the most of it. 

Sofas with variable seat depth – the advantages

As well as being the focus of your relaxation, sofas with variable seat depth offer a number of advantages. First and foremost is the possibility of optimising the space in your living room as this type of sofa allows one to occupy only a limited portion of the room. In fact, when the need for greater comfort arises, the seat depth can be varied with a single gesture and the sofa can be transformed into a day-bed of unparalleled comfort, making it ideal both for taking a classic nap and for hosting someone at the last moment.

Among Calia Italia’s latest creations, we have the ‘Sommier’ sofa, which is perfect for this purpose. It features a large, sculpted modular system which, thanks to tilting mechanisms on which the backrests and armrests rest, allows the seat to be fully exploited, both in depth and width. This means you can expand the usable surface area to create a comfortable bed.

Naturally, sofas with variable seat depth are the right choice for large families and for those who enjoy spending evenings in company. In Calia Italia’s ‘Superior Collection’, the ‘Matheola’ model stands out for being one of the most impressive sofas in our range. This model can create a comfort experience for the whole family thanks to a wide and welcoming seat and the possibility of increasing its depth, as well as the height of the backrest, through a mechanism that repositions the backrest towards the rear.

In addition to comfort, sofas with variable seat depths also have the advantage of being functional from an aesthetic point of view. For instance, do you have a restless soul and are forever wishing to change the décor of your living room? Having a sofa that can be placed in either the ‘standard’ or the ‘extended seating’ version will undoubtedly allow you to change the look of your living room quickly.

Sofas with variable seat depth, the right balance between beauty and comfort

When we choose a sofa, we look for the right compromise between aesthetics to suit our taste, living room furniture and an optimal degree of comfort. Our sofa becomes the place where we spend an important part of our time. 

Great examples of such sofas are Calia Italia’s ‘Toby Wing’ model (known as ‘the sofa with wings’) and the ‘Fly’ model (known as ‘the real flying carpet’).

Both models feature swinging backrests and armrests that allow for a considerable extension of the seat and represent the perfect combination of design and comfort.

Also in Calia Italia’s ‘Premium Collection’, we mustn’t forget the ‘Nicolas’ model, which stands out for its modern and sophisticated style and combines particularly soft padding with mechanisms for adjusting the seat and headrest. 

It’s clear that the main strength in this Calia Italia recliner version of the model is the wider seat, which allows two people to sit in absolute comfort.