Let’s relive Calia Italia’s 2024 Salone del Mobile

14 Mai 2024

The 62nd edition of the Milan Furniture Fair confirms its prominent role in the international furniture sector, showcasing research, experimentation, and innovation. It has recorded tremendous success with a record attendance: a +20.2% increase compared to the previous 2023 edition.

Calia Italia Booth

Calia Italia was among the protagonists once again this year, with a double appointment. The company took part in its 38th Salone del Mobile.Milano and seized the opportunity to celebrate the opening of its new Flagship Store at 49 Molino delle Armi Street in the design capital of Milan.

At the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2024, the company’s stand, defined by a perimeter ledge topped with relief monograms and vertically adorned with elegant curtains in soft navy blue velvet, served as a stage for the new collections and as a reflection of a constantly evolving production reality, particularly attentive today to the theme of “Green”.

The strong bond with the territory of Matera was emphasized by the original wall graphics by artist Stefano Siggillino, depicting with abstract lines and primary colors the Sassi and specifically the Sasso Caveoso, the Sasso Barisano, and the Murgia. From these graphics, further abstractions were created that decorate cushions and throws offered alongside the displayed products.

Calia Italia enters the outdoor world with a new collection of outdoor furniture.

This year, Calia Italia enters the world of outdoor furniture with two products.

The sofas and armchairs included in the Outdoor collection are not only designed to be used outdoors – thanks to rust-proof, mold-proof, and water-repellent materials – but are also designed following the sustainability design criterion, with the ultimate goal of generating no waste. Each component is designed to be easily disassembled so that end-of-life products can be recycled, promoting their re-entry into the production cycle, or easily stored during the winter months.

Norman Outdoor, designed in collaboration with Daniele Della Porta, is an armchair inspired by its indoor counterpart Norman, characterized by a tubular metal structure inclined forward, with a soft backrest cushion. The structure, raised from the ground by 24 cm, is available in the standard Grigio Ghiaia finish and on request in Verde Reseda, Nero opaco, and Graubraun finishes, and is enriched by intertwined beige cords present on the backrest and armrests. The padding, suitable for outdoor use, is completely covered with a special osmotic coating with hydro-repellent and breathable characteristics, while the covering is finished with a perimeter trim. Completely removable, Norman Outdoor can be made with approved outdoor fabrics and is also available in 2-seater and 3/3 sofa versions – three cushions and three backrests.

Pralin outdoor in addition to being entirely designed to live in the outdoor environment – thanks to rust-resistant, mold-resistant, water-repellent, and breathable materials – has been developed following the sustainability design criterion, with the ultimate goal of generating no waste. The model originates from Pralin, a sibling that enriches the Gourmandise Collection, revised for outdoor use, The base of Pralin Outdoor is made of steel and aluminum painted Grigio Ghiaia, also available on request in Verde Reseda, Nero opaco, or Graubraun, and rests on 11-centimeter feet. The backrests and seats rest on the base, and the fillings, suitable for outdoor spaces, are covered with a special osmotic coating with water-repellent and breathable characteristics. The model includes corner elements, “table” versions, equipped with a slatted wooden top in Iroko wood, also available in natural finish, and meridian terminal versions. The “island” version, deeper than the others, functions as a true day bed. The model also includes optional elements: freely positionable armrests and armrest poufs, as well as decorative cushions. Completely removable, Pralin Outdoor can be made with approved outdoor fabrics.

The new releases from Calia Italia in the living world

Also previewed at the Salone del Mobile.Milano were the Liberty quilted sofa for the Mater Familias collection and the model with soft, enveloping lines, L’Èclair, as novelties of the Gourmandise collection

The Liberty is characterized by a soft quilting that gives the model a contemporary look and enveloping comfort. The quilting, in continuity with the backrest and armrests, is also present on the seat, giving it a sophisticated elegance. The slim and enveloping structure, raised from the ground by over 20 centimeters, rests on metal feet in the standard antique bronze finish, available on request in various other finishes. The structure and feet bear the imprint of the Mater Familias collection, which enriches and enhances it.

With the L’Èclair, the Gourmandise collection is enriched with another typical delicacy of French pastry, ready to brighten up your days with its reassuring appearance.

The model stands out for its sculptural yet soft volumes. This characteristic gives the product an attractive and modern look, ideal for those seeking innovative design without sacrificing comfort. The Èclair, available in 2-seater and ½, 3-seater, and maxi 3-seater versions, is finished with perimeter piping that embellishes the backrests and armrests, along with decorative stitching on the front of the seat.

New products included the new I Sassi collection designed by Timothee Studio . Inspired by the Sassi of Matera in limestone (a soft sedimentary rock shaped over the years by water and eroded by wind) and characterized by soft and organic lines, the collection consists of multiple variably combinable elements, designed to encourage conversation as well as to make domestic intimate moments comfortable. The project includes “special” versions that can coexist together or as individual sculptural elements, daybeds, sofas, and modular elements that give rise to infinite solutions that can be further enriched by optional elements. Indeed, the I Sassi collection includes four types of coffee tables in white lacquered, walnut, or pink lacquered finishes, which contrast in square and rational forms with the round and harmonious shapes of the upholstered modules and can be used both individually and combined in an evocative system of interlocking.

Another new product is Skyline. It is a contemporary style sofa distinguished by its compact seat, enhanced by quilting. It features a contemporary design with a compact seat, elevated 19 cm from the ground, and enhanced by quilting. The backrest includes seamlessly liftable headrests integrated with the back and is enriched by a roll. Backrests and armrests can be manually positioned thanks to a tilting mechanism, allowing the seat depth to be extended by 42 c+B32m and increasing the width by 28 cm on each side of the armrest. The armrest can be lifted in any position. The metal foot comes ina standard matte black finish. Available in fixed or modular versions, in leather, fabric, or microfiber.

Also standing out among the new swinging innovations is the Mango. It is characterized by a curvilinear silhouette and manually adjustable backrests that allow extending the seat depth by 42 cm. The compact seat is embellished with quilted effect stitching present on the upper part.

The armrest is in continuity with the seat and slightly inclines upwards, adding further lightness to the model, while the backrests, tall and comfortable, are equipped with an internal mechanism that allows forward inclination of the headrest area and are adorned with a cushion in the lumbar area that provides softness and comfort. The metal feet are available in the standard antique bronze color but can be optionally requested in various other finishes.

The family of recliner models also expands by welcoming the Marcel and Ermes.

Marcel is a sofa with a modern and welcoming look, thanks also to the generous padding that ensures unparalleled comfort. The armrest is enriched by a side panel that integrates with the padding, giving it a precious and sophisticated appearance, while the large armchairs feature a maxi seat that comfortably accommodates two people. Equipped with seamlessly lift-up headrests with the backrest, Marcel also comes in angular, recliner, and motion versions with an extendable seat that extends up to 40 cm.

With its contemporary style, Ermes is characterized by its extreme lightness despite hiding an innovative recliner mechanism inside, which is nearly invisible. In the front, the model is lifted from the floor by as much as 19 cm, a height that is rarely compatible with a reclining model Another feature that makes the Ermes model versatile is the backrest with a foldable headrest. With a simple movement, the backrest can be used in two ways: when folded, the seating depth extends, and the backrest height increases significantly, providing optimal support for the head and back. The armrests, adjustable outward and adaptable to the desired comfort, add another level of customization to the model. The recliner versions are also equipped with an electric mechanism, operable via a control panel located laterally to the seat cushion, which lifts the footrest and tilts the backrest.

“The company’s focus on sustainability has also been expressed through the Eco version of the U’Strozz pouf, a reinterpretation of the iconic U’Strozz pouf, presented with an FSC certified wooden base and covering made from “Eco Safe” recovered fabric derived from recycled materials.”

For the 25th anniversary of the iconic Hotel armchair with a Deco taste, characterized by its wooden base and soft, enveloping lines, Calia Italia presents two new versions: the chaise longue and the 3-seater sofa.

In line with the company’s values, such as respect for the environment and attention to the circular economy, the company has developed a collection of ecological coverings called “Eco Safe” for an increasingly green proposal, which was presented during the Salone del Mobile. This collection now includes 7 recycled and recyclable fabrics.

See you nex year with Salone del Mobile.Milano from April 8th to 13th, 2025. We look forward to seeing you!