Among the valuable tools that the company makes available to its customers are also the new Catalogs. Premium, Superior, Modular and Gourmandise: four collections that open the doors of the world of Calia Italia offering all the information to choose the ideal sofa, armchair or ottoman.

From today the Catalogues of Premium, Superior and Modular collections are free to download from the Calia Italia website.

Our Premium collection includes Calia Italia’s best sellers, known worldwide for the exceptional comfort experience they can offer. These models are renowned for their sophisticated design and elegant shapes, still being functional and comfortable. Sofas are further enhanced by hidden mechanisms, which allow each model to adapt to different lifestyles and keep up with the pace of life, thus turning into unique places where the whole family can relax.

The Superior Collection sees Calia Italia inaugurate a new concept of style. The models of the collection are true design objects that are born from the union of worlds, stimuli and inspirations of a different nature. They are the products of collaborations with external designers, the realisation of social projects, participation in cultural events and synergy with universities. Each sofa has its own style and each style has its own story. The result is a unique comfort experience.

The Modular Collection sees Calia Italia inaugurate a new concept of interior design: ‘Lo spazio diventa tuo’ (becoming your space). A sofa is a dynamic, flexible object and it is created to be customised by those who choose it. Seats, chaises-longues, footstools and recliner versions (finished on all sides) can be composed and disassembled endlessly, while a wide range of colours and shapes can allow you to give a model its own style and character. The product is conceived, designed and manufactured by the company but it finds its maximum expression when it enters the home environment and is plunged into a dimension of design and life. It is a dimension in which everyone is the designer of their own space and comfort experience.

The Gourmandise Collection. As inherent in its name (in Italian leccornie, gluttony), Gourmandise is a super gluttonous collection whilst being at the same time an ode to Italy and ‘Made in Italy’. The central theme running through the entire collection is the base that represents the ‘tray’ on which the ‘chocolates’ are offered. These in turn are represented by the backrests and armrests of the individual models, which share the same shape and design but differ in size. The star of the collection is ‘Gianduiotto’, with cushions and backrests that evoke the Turin chocolate of the same name, famous throughout the world for its delicacy and unmistakable elongated shape reminiscent of an ingot.

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