Sofas , chairs and pouf Superior


Since 1997, the ‘Hotel’ armchair has been the most copied armchair in the world. With a stylistic hallmark that recalls the forms and shapes of Art Deco, this armchair (designed by a very young designer, Grazia Lionetti, in collaboration with designer Saverio Calia), continues to be produced non-stop whilst being distributed to over 80 countries worldwide. Featured in every upholstered furniture district, either as a duplication of the original design or as a new interpretation, the ‘Hotel’ armchair represents an important milestone in the history of Calia Italia - as vindicated by the edition of the magazine ‘FURNITURE TODAY’ published on 19 October 1998. Characterised by its wooden base and rounded, embracing shapes, this armchair is always contemporary and uniquely comfortable and it comes in leather and/or fabric. In 2023, Calia Italia is introducing new versions of this model to celebrate 25 years since its release: A chaise-longe with asymmetrical armrests, a three-seater sofa and the highly original oval footstool. With great character, this comprehensive and versatile project expresses our company’s values, including the importance of design, innovation and the enhancement of human capital – whilst continuing to characterise the Calia Italia brand, which is now recognisable all over the world.