Sofas and chairs Premium



Collection: Urbana

Design: Internal research and development - CSI

Niobe is the large, comfortable and welcoming new proposal signed by Calia Italia for Urbana collection. The sofa and ottoman Niobe tell stories of refined elegance and revisited classicism: to characterize the sofa there is in fact a pleasant meeting between important tufted headboard and clean lines of the seat.

The result is a masterly craftsmanship, attention to every detail and never equal to itself, able to build a seat already protagonist of the spaces that accommodate it. In addition, you can complete the sofa with pillows and arm rolls: comfortable supports to make it even more pleasant in moments of daily relaxation.

The tufted manufacturing also describes the seat of the ottoman, supported by linear feet that give it great weight.

Among the qualities of Niobe, comfort is certainly to be noted: in the motion versions, the seats can be scrolled manually, or, in the electric motion, just pressing an internal backlit pushbutton, so that you can enjoy a more comfortable and relaxed seat.

In addition to leather, for Niobe is also possible to choose fabric and microfiber coverings.