Our story, the pursuit of comfort since 1965.

Liborio Vincenzo Calia, Calia Italia’s founder, was born in 1926. He started attending an artisan workshop when he was very young. There he learnt how to make carpentry works, realizing different types of objects made of wood, from useful tools to works of outstanding workmanship to decorate any house.

In 1944, when he was only 18, he started his own business and in 1965 he started a research project that would end up in designing and producing a single kind of products, conceived to make people feel good: upholstered furniture.

Since then, we have been manufacturing sofas with an accessible, democratic design with care and attention to details in Matera to reach any place in the world.


Our vision, from Matera to the world.

Under Saverio Calia’s artistic direction and Giuseppe Calia’s commercial strategy, with the constant aim of promoting the territory, investing in research and technology and developing its logistics capacity, the company has become one of the most renowned companies in the production of “upholstered furniture” worldwide.

Thanks to the efforts of over 1,500 people working in the Murgia area, Calia Italia guarantees a daily production of over 1,000 seats a day, developing more than 50 new models per year, in 40 different covers both in leather and fabric available in over 400 colors. Calia Italia’s comfort, conceived and made in Matera, is stored in one of the largest automated warehouses in Europe to be delivered to over 80 countries.

Our mission, make people feel comfortable.

Calia Italia was born in 1965 in Matera, whose ancient neighborhoods called “Sassi” - a unique place in the world – reveal an arid landscape, where tangled dwellings are carved in a white, porous rock on the slopes of a ravine.

To survive in such a severe, inaccessible territory, inhabitants have always nurtured a deep sense of solidarity and moral and emotional neighborhood, searching for a vital comfort to make life pleasant.

“People need to feel comfortable and relax, they love to close their eyes and dream. Our work involves mind and hands. Machines help us, but the most important role is played by man.”

Liborio Vincenzo Calia (1926 – 1998), Calia Italia’s founder.

Our values, a company culture.

Transparency, solidarity, flexibility, reliability and integrity, attention to and respect for the family, human resources, tradition and culture of the territory. With a special attention to young talents and their entrance in the working world, without ever stopping dreaming and bringing innovation so to make beauty and quality accessible to everybody.

Know-how, experience and technology, our excellences to provide comfort.

Human excellences
A treasure of expertise and talents, each of them specialized in a specific task, from sketching to selection of the materials and detail finishing.

Technological excellences
In 2002 the SAP integrated system was installed, thus computerizing the whole production process; in 2005 the new automated warehouse was set up, one of the biggest in Europe, designed in Switzerland, with a storage capacity of over 10,000 slots.

Production excellences
The process is equipped with automatic cutting machines to optimize fabric consumption, so to reduce scraps and improve workers’ lives, in line with the principles of sustainable development. The production of waste and scraps is in fact reduced to a minimum, energy and water consumptions are constantly monitored and optimized.
Caliaitalia - Abilità Artigianale

A family passion

With pride and passion, strongly believing that investing in one’s roots means investing in one’s future, the Calia family gets ready to start up their third generation of entrepreneurs. Keeping in line with our fundamental values, we look at the future with dynamism and spirit of innovation, strengthened by the same ambition handed down by our founder Liborio Vincenzo.