Calia Italia selects its fabrics and microfibres from the most qualified and prestigious manufacturers found anywhere. Paying particular attention to current trends, our range includes 36 products that come in 484 different colour variants. 

Our fabrics are subjected to meticulous and specific laboratory tests that certify the resistance of both the textile materials and their colours to a range of elements including light, water, domestic washing products and solvents.

Calia Italia sofas are completely customisable and can be upholstered in natural fabrics, synthetic fabrics or microfibres. 


In order to prolong the beauty of your sofa over time, we recommend that you do not expose the fabric to direct sunlight as this may cause discolouration.


Microfibres are materials of extraordinary quality and great versatility, both in terms of appearance and material. Their main characteristic is their typically smooth and velvety finish.

Like the synthetic fabrics to which they belong, microfibres do not crease and have a high resistance to scratches as well as ultraviolet and infrared rays. They too do not develop a peeling effect and some products are water-repellent, stain-resistant and often also odour/mite-proof. They do not need to be ironed. 

These features ensure a great fit and make them particularly suitable for homes where life never stands still.


Ginevra  Also available as fire-retardant

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