The Privè is the new modular sofa signed by Calia Italia as a result of a cooperation project with the designer Daniele Della Porta. The model stands out for its chairs which differ from one another both as far as their geometric shapes and seat depths. A sofa that will bring moments of conviviality and intimacy, thanks to the units’ different sizes which will allow to create niches and an array of configurations to best fit any space The Privè belongs to “Lo spazio diventa tuo” collection, which hosts customizable modular models, thought for those who love to freely organize their home living spaces.

Model Privè, available with removable fabric covers and in leather, features some major innovations such as a 30° rotation of the corner chair, a pointed-end chaise longue, to get a more formal or relaxed comfort, or the “special” units able to create 30°, 45° or 90° corners, to build unique configurations where to enjoy every moment.

Back cushions are entirely padded with feather mix, so to create a relaxed, comfortable lounging experience. The extra softness sensation is also reached thanks to the Quilts, that can be laid on the seats to further enhance the embracing effect, or used separately as plaids. Quilts can be used any time of the day and are perfect both for kids and grown-ups.

The Privè redefines freedom and versatility both as far as covers – thanks to the option of combining two different colors on the front and rear side of the reversible backs – and as far as configurations – thanks to the modularity that characterizes the model.

Calia Italia Privè is able to renew itself over and over again, a dynamic sofa that will suit any customer’s need thus adding a personal touch to any room.