The ‘Cremino’ celebrates the melt-in-the-mouth nature of the famous Piedmontese chocolate and is the deconstructed model par excellence, characterised by the unbridled gluttony of those who cannot do without it. Just like the chocolate from which it takes its name, the seat of the ‘Cremino’ (barely raised by slender wooden feet) is reminiscent of the square composed of layers of gianduia and hazelnut chocolate. The multifaceted shapes of the modular seat, which also serves as a base, enhance the diversity of the chocolate’s colours and flavours and differ from each other in a multiplicity of modules with sculptural geometries and rounded corners. It is also joined by a ‘Knot footstool’ and ‘table base’. The backrests, with two different sizes, follow this same freedom and enhance it by having a weighted base that makes them freely positionable. The backrests, decorative cushions, footstool and bucket backrest (enriched by a decorative border) recall in their shape all the chocolates from the Gourmandise collection as well as truffles and chocolate sheets. The ‘Cremino’, using all the delicacies of traditional Italian chocolate, is designed as a sofa for the middle of the room and invites you to enjoy comfort in all possible ways. The individual modules can be taken apart and the cushions and backrests can be moved, placed on the floor or scattered around the house, according to the most diverse needs – meaning that you can modulate your space in innovative and flexible ways. The different sized bases can be used individually, side by side or combined with special pieces (dormeuse base and chaise-longue base) or even interspersed with ‘corner bases’ that allow you to create a variety of configurations with just a few elements. Finally, the ‘Knot footstool’ represents the terminal or intermediate element between two bases and can be equipped with a wooden table top.


beech-wood, pinewood and multilayer, covered with a thermo-bonded textile fabric coupled with cloth.

Seat padding

in ecologic polyurethane foam covered with 100% polyester padding, additionally wrapped with thermo-bonded textile fabric coupled with cloth.

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