From the pencil of Daniele della Porta comes ‘Dafne’, a sofa with a modern design and sinuous, rounded lines capable of changing appearance without giving in to compromise. Its name matches that of the nymph who preferred to turn herself into a laurel plant rather than give in to unwanted love. Designed for living spaces, it can be paired with the ‘Milla’ to offer a very comfortable welcome. During the day ‘Dafne’ is a comfortable place to spend hours in perfect relaxation, while at night, with a few simple movements, the ‘Dafne’ sofa transforms into a cosy bed with a comfortable 13 cm high mattress. The ecological polyurethane foam mattress is ideal for relaxing and facing the next day. It is unobtrusive in the larger bed version (with a 160 cm mattress it can reach a length of 208 cm) and is accommodating in the relaxation version.