Sofas , chairs and pouf Superior

Madame G

Created from the experience of Giuggiola and its versatility, its thousand facets and its various "outfits", Madame G is the first European version of the ‘Italian Lady’, who wears a new outfit and becomes even more international. The new French version, also available in swivel and storage versions, will become an expression of ‘Made in Italy’ in the world and will mark the beginning of a collection that will give life to a ‘Madame’ for each country. The seat remains unchanged with its characteristic tail base reminiscent of the train of an evening dress. However the back of the Madame G, which in the Giuggiola is woven and inspired by the particular hair bun traditionally worn by the women of our territory, is transformed into a sumptuous tulip, whose corolla is held together by elegant buttons inspired by capitonné workmanship