Mater Familias Day Bed

MATER FAMILIAS - Mater Familias Collection

Design: Arch. Saverio Calia

Mater Familias is the result of a project called Architecture of Shame, created together with Matera European Capital of Culture 2019. The project is based on the idea of the mother who is the real core component of a family and started from the Day Bed model, inspired by the psychotherapist’s couch, that portrays multilayers cushions and copper-coloured feet. The thin and light structure, together with the elegantly designed leg, represent some reference elements for the whole collection with the difference that in this model, there is a multilayered cushion that recalls all the ages of the Matera’s history. The visible stitches have been realised following a cross pattern, to remind the closure of the old bags of grain, and they all have been handcrafted in order to pay tribute once again to the feminine craftsmanship.