Matheola is the ancient name of Matera: that is how this model comes into shape, getting inspired by the flair of the land where it was born. Matheola is a low level, contemporary sofa, available both as fixed and sectional versions, thus being extremely versatile. The model boasts a mechanism placed in a panel positioned on the top rear side; the panel can be manually lifted thanks to two metal joints. A 90° rotation of the panel allows the back cushions to be repositioned, thus increasing the seat depth for improved comfort.

The Matheola, available with removable fabric covers or in leather, gets additional personality thanks to its versatility: when the panel is lowered, it lines up with the armrests thus enhancing the club sofa style. When the panel is lifted, the back becomes higher, thus reshaping the sofa’s design. The lifted back can be used as a headrest and turns the sofa into a niche where to completely relax.

A timeless model, with clean lines further enhanced by the hidden feet and feather padding, which ensures that the sofa will remain unaltered with time, thanks to the material’s capacity to recover its original shape after being pressured.