Calia Italia technical sponsor of Giffoni Film Festival 2019

10 июля 2019

Salerno, 19th-27th July 2019. The Giffoni Film Festival has come to its 49th edition and Calia Italia will be, once again, Technical Sponsor of the event.

Photo by Gaetano Del Mauro

6200 jurors coming from 50 different Countries, 101 films participating, more than 250 talents, artists and guests, 17 live shows for the Giffoni Music Concept and around 200 street art performances and artistic activities.

These are just few datas of this incredible and unique event that the French movie director Fraçois Truffant defined as “The most necessary of all Festivals”.

The Giffoni Film Festival focuses the attention on kids coming from all over the world. Children are indeed active participants as their task is to discuss the movies they are called to watch with actors and directors. Moreover, kids themselves will decide the winner. Originally born as a small regional competition, it has now become an international show, attended by some of the most important personalities of the showbiz.

For the second year in a row, Calia Italia participates as Technical Sponsor by providing some of its most iconic models: Privé, Modula and Duca – all designed by the arch. Daniele Della Porta – as well as Giuggiola, Jacob, Delizia, Deliziosa and Deliziante. Armchairs and sofas will be spotted on stages, relaxation areas and lounges in order to offer to the guests a comfortable experience.

Each edition of this Festival is characterized by a main theme. This year, it is “Aria”, which is the Italian word for “air”. By facing such an important subjcet, the Festival aims to raise awareness among new generations on the future of the environment.

“The very first studies on air have distant roots” – said C. G. Artistic Director of the Festival – “As a matter of fact, Leonardo Da Vinci has always showed a deep curiosity for this element. This year occurs the 50th anniversary of the death of this unparalleled genius. This is also the reason why Giffoni decided to pay him tribute choosing this theme. Centuries ago, with his idea of the flying machines, Leonardo probably wanted already to give us some hints for some more clean energies solutions”.

Come join Calia Italia in the beautiful Giffoni Valle Piana from 19th to 27th July.