Which dealers are in my area?

You can contact your nearest retailer by finding them in our shop section http://www.caliaitalia.com/en/stores 

How can I clean stain-resistant fabrics?

The cleaning of fabrics should always be carried out in accordance with the wash label on each product. The first thing to do is to vacuum the stained part to remove any dust that may have penetrated into the fabric. If you are faced with more stubborn stains, use a clothes brush to remove the dirt. The last step is to wash the fabric with a solution of lukewarm water with a small amount of bicarbonate. Once you’ve made this mixture, take some white blotting paper, moisten it and then dab at the stains you want to remove. Repeat this process 2-3 times, taking care never to leave the area wet. At the end, remove the dirt using dry blotting paper and make sure that the part does not remain wet.

What are the characteristics of your upholstery (leather, fabric, microfibre)?

We have a section entirely dedicated to our upholstery in which we list types, characteristics and maintenance advice.

Leather: http://www.caliaitalia.com/en/info-center/calia-italia-leather 

Fabrics and microfibres: http://www.caliaitalia.com/en/info-center/calia-italia-fabrics-and-microfibres

The ‘pilling’ effect has appeared on the seat of my fabric sofa. How can I get rid of it?

As is the case with cashmere jumpers or natural fibres in general, natural upholstery can also be subject to the formation of the ‘pilling’ effect (i.e. the formation of unsightly dots on the seat) when the sofa/armchair is used. This effect is caused by friction and can be treated with a normal lint remover. It is worth remembering that your sofa should be cared for like any other piece of furniture or clothing and requires constant cleaning and maintenance. The good news is that the pilling effect is only temporary – in fact it tends to disappear over time as it is removed.

Why does the leather on my sofa have a different surface on different areas?

The hides used by Calia Italia are exclusively natural products that undergo various tanning processes. However, these processes do not alter the original characteristics of each coat and the presence of natural signs such as healed scars, differences in grain, wrinkles, veining and different colour tones are not to be considered a defect but instead a guarantee of its pure authenticity. 

How can I rearrange the back/seat cushions?

Rearranging the cushions and backs of our products is an operation that should be carried out periodically so that the product is always well-kept and does not lose its original appearance. This simple operation consists of manipulating the padding (whether fixed or removable) and has the function of reviving the fibres contained within the padding, whether natural (such as feathers) or synthetic (such as polyester fibres).

The sofa/product shows creases on the leather within the first few hours of use. Is this normal?

This is the normal behaviour of our products after even brief use. The polyurethane in the upholstery maintains its characteristics of elasticity and resistance to sinking, which is an intrinsic property allowing it to return to its original position. With use (even brief use) the upholstery will begin to show the formation of surface undulations and ripples due to the movement/relaxation required for the upholstery to ensure (together with the polyurethane) the comfort of the product. Therefore, the product has a normal evolution and does not require any intervention. In order to reduce this surface effect, it is advisable to manipulate the upholstery after use through consisting smoothing of the leather with hand movements that move from the centre towards the outside of the seat.

Why does the manual motion mechanism not open easily?

Products with manual sliding mechanisms are designed so that the seats only slide open when the user requests it and not when the user is simply sitting on the sofa. For this to happen the seats require a certain amount of force to slide open. 

How are rechargeable batteries used?

Rechargeable batteries need only a few requirements in order to function properly and last for a long time. Each rechargeable battery product includes an illustrated leaflet describing these requirements and is reproduced below:

The touch pad system is blocked. What can I do?

The touch sensor system has a control unit capable of detecting the command and transferring it to the actuator. It may be the case that both sensors are inadvertently touched to the extent that the control unit is unable to define whether to open or close the mechanism. In order to reset the control unit and thus resume normal operation of the product, it is necessary to disconnect the power cable for at least 10 minutes and then reconnect it. The control unit will then reset and resume normal operation.

I have a problem with the mechanism/padding in one of your sofas/armchairs. Who can assist me?

Firstly, you can contact the Calia Italia dealer where you purchased the product. Secondly, you can contact our after-sales service by writing to the following e-mail address info@caliatrade.com providing a description of the problem supported by any photos and videos as well as a photo of the identification number / bar code (batch / ID number) present on the bottom of the sofa/armchair. 

Is it possible to request customised foot finishes or custom-made elements?

Yes, it is possible, subject to a technical feasibility check and a possible surcharge. 

Why is the middle foot of my sofa shorter than the others and not resting on the floor?

The central foot is designed like this so that it can guarantee the correct support of the sofa on the perimeter feet without hindrance. The function of the central (or structural) foot is to provide greater support to the sofa, giving it an additional guarantee of hold when the sofa is stressed by use. Normally this foot is not present under armchairs and 2-seater sofas due to their reduced dimensions.

Is it possible to buy a sofa/armchair directly from the company?

The company does not sell directly to private individuals, but distributes its products through trusted dealers in Italy and around the world. In our section dedicated to points of sale you can search for your nearest dealer http://www.caliaitalia.com/en/stores 


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