Some tricks to get the best out of your leather sofa in summer

6 August 2021

Leather sofas are very comfortable and elegant, but warmer months and higher temperatures can mean that they become difficult to deal with. However, you just need to follow the right precautions that we recommend in this article.

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How to avoid problems in the warmer months if you have a leather sofa

In winter, they’re nice and cool, but in summer the feel of leather sofas can be less pleasant due to higher temperatures. For this reason, many people have doubts about choosing a leather sofas for their home – despite the countless qualities they offer such as resistance and elegance. However, with a few small precautions, these minor yet unpleasant summer episodes can be avoided.

Leather sofas in summer, tips for avoiding that feeling of heat when coming into contact with the upholstery

How do you avoid the classic feeling of heat that is usually associated with a leather sofa in the summer? Here are some tricks you can follow to avoid it and enjoy your sofa throughout the summer.

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Choose a quality leather sofa

Not all leather sofas cause this sensation of heat in the summer. Much depends on the quality of the leather and indeed the better the quality, the lower the risk of having an unpleasant experience during the warmer seasons.

Calia Italia's leathers, for example, are distinguished between protected grain leathers and full grain leathers - the quality of which avoids this summer problem.

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If you are about to purchase a leather sofa, Calia Italia offers a wide selection. Whether it’s the ‘Elisir’ model with its elegant and soft shapes, or even the Scandinavian style ‘Romeo’ model – you can find the type of sofa that best suits your needs, without ever compromising on the quality of the materials.

Buy a lightweight slipcover

Another trick to avoid that uncomfortable sensation of heat is to buy a lightweight slipcover to put over your sofa in the summer months. Indeed there are many on the market and you can find a whole range of elegant and sophisticated designs.

Keep your leather sofa away from sources of heat and direct light

Leather sofas should always be kept away from sources of heat or direct sunlight. This is not only to avoid increasing the heat sensation typical of the summer months, but above all it is to prevent them from getting damaged.

Positioning your sofa in a place protected from the sun’s rays can help avoid unpleasant problems, as well as guaranteeing the beauty and durability of the covering.

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