Calia Italia at M.O.W. 2023 in Germany

11 September 2023

Calia Italia returns to M.O.W., an international furniture fair held every year in Germany that is considered one of the most important events in the industry. There’ll be great classics and new models on show.

From 17th to 21st September 2023, Calia Italia will be at the annual M.O.W. fair in Germany. This is one of the most important events dedicated to the world of furniture in Europe and it’s where the main operators in the sector meet to present the best of their products and discuss new trends in the sector. Those who want to understand what the upcoming trends in the field of furnishing in the near future might be shouldn’t miss this fair. Indeed our Matera-based company is ready to bring a rich selection of its catalogue of armchairs and sofas, including models that have now become great classics as well as our latest products, to the city of Bad Salzuflen, in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Calia Italia models on show

Two top models from the Calia Italia Gourmandise collection are featuring at M.O.W. 2023 – both inspired by the sweetness and soft shapes of chocolate to create sofas with a sophisticated design and an incredible comfort experience.

Those models are ‘Gianduiotto Jr’ (a deconstructed sofa and the ‘son’ of the collection’s forerunner), which, besides its shape being reminiscent of a chocolate, is also striking for the soft, cosy upholstery of the seat and the elegant stitching with a topstitched effect. The second product is ‘Dragées’, which is a more structured and finely decorated variant of the collection that features an increased height to favour a more sustained and composed comfort.

Two of the Calia Italia evergreen armchairs will also feature at M.O.W. 2023 as they rarely miss an exhibition appointment to show off their enduring relaxation virtues. 

The minimal Scandinavian style prevails with the ‘Jacob’, while the ‘Giuggiola' armchair is striking for its design that pays homage to feminine strength and vitality and is inspired by the ‘crocchie’ that characterised the hairstyles of Lucanian women in the past. These are two examples of furnishing accessories that can be adapted in living rooms of different styles, without ever losing harmony with the rest of the furniture.

The most innovative products at M.O.W.

Innovation is an integral part of research in this field and Calia Italia never fails to provide a comfort experience at the highest level. This is why one of the models that most enhances the technological qualities applied to interior design cannot be absent at the German fair – the ‘Toby Wing’. This sofa can be transformed into an actual day-bed by expanding its seat thanks to its backrests and sliding armrests.

The M.O.W. fair will also be the occasion to show the latest new product from Calia Italia, called ‘Fox Trot Relax’ – ready to be unveiled during the promotional showcase from 17th September. Already from its name you can tell that this new sofa model promises to take the experience of comfort to the highest level and will bring together the experience of innovation involving the structure, padding and external design of this furnishing accessory.

The date is set for 17th to 23rd September at M.O.W. 2023 where Calia Italia will bring a substantial taste of the best of its production while also showing the latest innovations in terms of relaxation and comfort experience.