TiBacio: the new pouf / coffee table to inaugurate the Salone del Mobile 2021

5 août 2021

Never before have we been so appreciative of the importance of a hug or a kiss as we have in the last two years. To celebrate this very much missed gesture as well as all of the possibilities of physically demonstrating affection and our feelings, Calia Italia is proud to present a new footstool/coffee table called ‘Tibacio’ (literally ‘I kiss you’) at the Salone del Mobile 2021, the first in the Covid era.

calia italia pouf tavolino tibacio 2

Salone del Mobile 2021: what to know about the ‘Tibacio’footstool/coffee table by Calia Italia

After the pause from live events during the pandemic, the Salone del Mobile di Milano will be back in attendance from 5th to 10th September 2021, ready to once again welcome design lovers and industry professionals. Calia Italiawill be among the many companies present and this year will mark 35 years in which we have taken part in this prestigious international exhibition. For the occasion, the company will have an elegant stand that is full of novelties and we will be presenting a product that has a particularly important design and significance: the footstool/table ‘TiBacio’.

calia italia pouf tavolino tibacio 3

The limited edition ‘TiBacio’ was created during the pandemic to express the desire to return to hugging, kissing, sharing moments with loved ones, looking into each other’s eyes and seeing each other again after two years of life ‘suspended’ between conference calls and long-distance appointments.

calia italia pouf tavolino tibacio 4

Tibacio by Calia Italia: features and quality that make it an instant must-have

Entirely made of wood and designed by Obliqua Studio for Calia Italia, ‘TiBacio’ depicts two faces kissing whilst at the same time referencing the pictogram of the two Cs from the company’s historic logo, which celebrated its first 55 years at the height of the lockdown. It is no coincidence that there are also 55 pieces in the limited edition, meaning that the ‘TiBacio’ footstools/tables (all of which are handmade in Italy) also celebrate Calia Italia’s great history of craftsmanship.

calia italia pouf tavolino tibacio 5

There’s even another easter egg in the design. The double C, the emblem of the new exhibition concept previewed in Milan as well as a highly topical and trendy graphic sign, also leads right back to the double number 5.

This product is therefore a twofold tribute to life and newfound relationships, that you can have in your home to celebrate the beauty of union and hope for the future.