Sonic Park Matera, between music and comfort experiences: Calia Italia is the Festival’s technical partner

5 août 2022

Matera hosted one of the most important music festivals of the Italian summer season, and Calia Italia was chosen to set up backstage to ensure unparalleled comfort for the superstars, including Elisa, Blanco and Achille Lauro – before and after the show.

Sonic Park Matera and Calia Italia: the winning combination of music and comfort 

From 16 July to 3 August, Matera hosted ‘Sonic Park’, an exclusive music festival that has energised the Turin summer for four years. In 2022, Sonic Park decided to duplicate the festival held in the beautiful, Piedmontese setting of Stupinigi and add a stage in Matera. Some of the biggest Italian artists of the moment (including Blanco, Elisa, Litfiba, Caparezza, Pinguini Tattici Nucleari and Achille Lauro) performed at ‘Cava del Sole', a breathtaking location that has always hosted high-level artistic performances.  

Calia Italia supported ‘Sonic Park Matera’ as technical partner of the event, taking care of the backstage and dressing rooms of the festival by providing its sofas and armchairs. This mean that Calia Italia could provide comfort to artists and management before and after the show. 

From the line-up to the exclusive location, ‘Sonic Park Matera’ was an unmissable festival

Caparezza, Achille Lauro, Litfiba, Marracash, Elisa, Manuel Agnelli, Pinguini Tattici Nucleari and Blanco were the artists who took part in the first edition of the ‘Sonic Park’ in Matera, performing in the incredible atmosphere of ‘Cava del Sole’, a place where the magic of nature and the work of man intertwine to create a unique place in the world.

In fact, ’Cava del Sole’ is the place where the city of Matera and its ‘sassi’ (stones) originated from. In 1600, the people of Matera began digging the limestone blocks by hand to build the city and their work gave life to the ‘Cava’ that we know today, an exciting and evocative place that hosts unique artistic and cultural performances.

Calia Italia at Sonic Park Matera: all the models backstage

‘Your Comfort Experience’ (the Calia Italia brand slogan) represents precisely the philosophy that allowed the company to be chosen by the ‘Sonic Park’ organisation to accompany the artists as they relax and enjoy moments of absolute comfort backstage – before and after the performances. Of course, this is hardly the first time that Calia Italia has sponsored major cultural events. For example, this year it was among the partners of the ‘X Factor’ and over the years it has also taken part in the ‘Giffoni Film Festival’. 

Calia Italia took the occasion of ‘Sonic Park Matera’ to showcase some of its most iconic models, including the ‘Giuggiola’ and ‘Madame G’ armchairs, the ‘Jacob’ armchair, the ‘TiBacio’ footstool/table, the ‘Gianduiotto Jr’ and ‘Dragees’ sofas (both from the Gourmandise Collection), some pieces from the Mater Familias Collection (the Mater Familias sofa, bench and day-bed and the Art Nouveau sofa) and, finally, the characteristic ‘U’Strozz’ footstool. 

These various pieces of furniture were provided for all the backstage areas of the music festival – from the VIP and relaxation area to the artists’ dressing rooms and all the event management offices.