Calia Italia stars at ‘Fiera del Levante 2023’ in Bari

5 septembre 2023

Calia Italia is taking part at the ‘Campionaria Generale Internazionale’ trade fair held at the ‘Fiera del Levante’ in Bari from 9th to 17th September – one of the most important events in Southern Italy.

The ‘Campionaria Generale Internazionale’ trade fair is back and it’s one of the most important appointments in Southern Italy dedicated to design and furniture. From 9th to 17th September 2023, Calia Italia is taking part in the event together with its partner Deco Mobili. The ‘Fiera del Levante’ in Bari is one of the main venues in Southern Italy dedicated to the organisation of events. It has a strategic location in the heart of the Mediterranean right on the seafront of the Puglia capital that turns into a pulsating centre of business, culture and innovation every year. Calia Italia has already starred at the ‘Campionaria’ in the past, which is now in its 86th edition.

An international showcase for the business world

Hundreds of exhibitors from the furniture sector meet every year at the ‘Campionaria Generale Internazionale’ at ‘Fiera del Levante’, a showcase that is considered essential for the entire Mediterranean area. Calia Italia is taking part again this year with some of its most famous models together with our latest products in terms of armchairs and sofas. It is the ideal moment to show how research and innovation never stop for our brand and to take the comfort of our models to an even higher level. On this important occasion, our company also reaffirms and strengthens its partnership with Deco Mobili, a company that has been present in the furnishing sector for 50 years with one of the largest showrooms in Southern Italy.

Our company’s work invests as much in design as in the choice of materials to give our customers maximum comfort. Calia Italia is ready to conquer new markets throughout the Mediterranean area, confirming once again our growing role in the world of made-in-Italy furniture where creativity and excellence are the watchwords. We’re ready to land at the ‘Fiera del Levante’ in Bari with some of our best and already successful products, such as iconic models like the ‘Jacob’ armchair (a modern reinterpretation of the classic reading chair), the ‘U’Strozz’ footstool (original, eco-sustainable and highly versatile in its design) or ‘Giuggiola’ (the ultra-chic armchair inspired by the beauty and strength of women).

All models at the fair

Like every year during the ‘Fiera del Levante Trade Fair’ in Bari there will be numerous events and initiatives, conferences, workshops, exhibitions and institutional projects. Calia Italia is also choosing to star at the 86th International ‘Campionaria Generale Internazionale’ because the ‘Fiera del Levante’ is so much more than a simple exhibition fair. It’s a meeting and exchange point between business operators and simple enthusiasts and one of the most attractive events in Southern Italy. For a Matera-based company like Calia Italia, which has always made its roots a source of pride and inspiration for its work, this is undoubtedly an unmissable moment to show the best of our production.

Among the models that Calia Italia is presenting at the ‘Fiera del Levante 2023’ (starting 9th September) is one of the best-loved models in the ‘Gourmandise Collection’ – the ‘Dragées’ sofa. It’s the most elegant and structured piece in the collection. 

Next to this sofa will be one of our brand’s latest creations, the modular ‘Sommier’. This sofa features sculptured forms that are capable of becoming a day bed thanks to its tilting armrests and backrests. Two other Calia Italia models will feature that are equipped with the same mechanism and thus able to considerably increase the dimensions of the seat – ‘Fly’ and ‘Toby Wing’.

Among the models in the ‘Superior Collection’ featuring at the fair is the ‘Matheola’, which, due to the inspiration from which it takes its name (an early version of the name for ‘Matera’), represents one of the furnishing accessories that symbolises our company’s attachment to our Lucanian roots.

Finally, the ‘Eclettico’ modular sofa bed with its minimalist design allows not only for different configurations but also for customising the style thanks to a wide choice of armrest types.

The Calia Italia showroom at the ‘Fiera del Levante 2023’ concludes with three extremely elegant models. First, the ‘Norman’ armchair with its peculiar tubular structure, then the ‘Elisir’ sofa with its soft shapes resting on rigorous spiked feet and finally the ‘Fleur’ armchair, which is also characterised by spiked feet and refined details. So, all that remains is to make an appointment on the Bari seafront from 9th to 17th September with the best of Calia Italia products.