How to choose a cat-proof sofa

15 октября 2020

For cat lovers, it is essential to choose a cat-proof sofa for the living room. Although before drawing up a list of useful tips, the truth is that the best way to protect our sofa from scratches and other damage is to try and train our little four-legged friends. For example, you might try providing them with other ways to indulge themselves, such as specially created cat trails for their amusement or cat scratchers, strategically placed around the house.

However, if that doesn’t really work, you’ll have to choose a sofa with a scratch-resistant fabric that can resist the assaults of our house pussycats. Whereas wide-weave fabrics are extremely inviting for this type of animal (since they are useful for sharpening small claws), thick-weave fabrics are particularly resistant because the nails cannot fit into the fabric.

But that’s not all, because a good cat-proof sofa should also be stain-resistant and water-repellent as well as preferably having the same colour as our little friend’s coat – like this any residual hair won’t stand out too much on the fabric. In fact, one essential tool is an adhesive brush, which can be used daily (with a lot of patience) to remove as much hair as possible.

As in the case of dogs, the best fabric for cats is microfibre, which is very similar to suede and is resistant and easy to clean. Furthermore, it has a texture that does not lend itself to scratches.

So there you have it – there’s no need to give up on the company of your feline friend, especially when with just a little bit of care, your cuddles together can be assured. What’s more, you can also do it without too many risks!

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