The right sofa for you? A step-by-step guide to choosing

30 марта 2021

Is choosing a new sofa making your head spin? From colour, to size and to fabric – don’t miss out on our advice on finding the perfect model for you and your home.

How to choose a comfortable, quality sofa

Your choice of a sofa is not only a question of interior design, it is also about the quality of life in your home. Never before have we realised how much the sofa can really be our best friend. It makes the home environment harmonious and elegant, it cradles us when we are tired, it alleviates our endless hours of smart-working and it is synonymous with sharing, embracing loved ones and conviviality. For these reasons, choosing a piece of furniture such as a sofa means making several decisions. For instance, you have to take into consideration the colour that best suits your living room, the right size or shape, the coverings you may need and also the quality of the materials most suitable for you. So how do you find your way around this conundrum? Calia Italia has created this guide to inspire you and help you choose the most suitable models for your needs – with an eye on the 2021 trends.

How to choose a coloured sofa

Opting for a coloured sofa could be the right move to completely renew your environment, making it more harmonious and giving it character. To make the right choice you have to pay attention to the chromatic contrasts with the surrounding furniture and to the feelings you want to convey. Neutral and light shades give elegance whereas colours such as blue give peace and tranquility. Purple and red give a unique personality to your home while grey and yellow reflect the Pantone trends of 2021, like the Lazy model by Calia Italia.

Divano Calia Italia Lazy Pantone 2021

If you are not afraid to be daring, you can also aspire to a multicoloured sofa, such as the Hip-Hop model by Calia Italia. This sofa is made up of trapezoidal modules (which come in many shades) and you can combine them according to your taste, creating a personalised sofa and a truly unique piece that will be the star of your home. Above all, it will be a safe space that offers you warmth and comfort. Ultimately, the key to success is always the same – be inspired by the colours that represent you most without being afraid to be daring!

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How to choose a corner sofa

There are many clear advantages to corner sofas. For instance, they let you furnish a room without the need to add other accessories and they are very comfortable for chatting with friends. They are also great for sitting with the whole family whilst watching a good film. The difficulty, however, lies in choosing the model that best suits your environment. For example, in an open space, although corner sofas are a great way to separate spaces in a natural way, their ideal position is along the walls where there are many windows. Instead L-shaped sofas are suitable for smaller living rooms.

divano calia italia johnny

In addition, according to the 2021 trends, modular design is the ideal choice when you want to furnish your environment with a corner sofa. For example, Johnny by Calia Italia is a modular sofa with soft shapes and a high back, which is comfortable and versatile. Furthermore, as with all the sofas in the ‘Modular Collection’, it allows you to create the perfect corner composition for your needs.

How many seats should a sofa have?

The choice of the number of seats in a sofa depends not only on the space available, but above all on your needs. A two-seater sofa is the best choice in smaller rooms or where you want to give prominence to other furnishing accessories. Three-seater sofas, such as the extremely comfortable and large Foster model by Calia Italia, are ideal for families, as it guarantees each member their own comfortable space. 

divano calia italia foster

Then there are the multi-seat sofas or the maxi versions, which are ideal for those who want to make the sofa the star of their living room and have plenty of space to furnish.

How to choose a sofa for your second home

Are you thinking of redecorating your second home? Make sure you get inspired by the location of your second home and be sure to indulge yourself when choosing a sofa. For beach houses you might opt for bright colours, such as aquamarine and fresh, yet sand-resistant fabrics. For places in the mountains, say yes to big cushions, warm fabrics and embracing colours. Vintage sofas could be perfect for those countryside cottages. In any case, be creative and keep an eye on comfort. Finally, for second homes, it is always a good move to choose a sofa-bed, so you can welcome any extra guests!

How to choose a sofa bed

Perfect for second homes and also very useful for those who have a small house or know that they have to host friends and relatives frequently, sofa-beds offer the right mix of saving space and furnishing a house with style. Remember that choosing a sofa-bed is not only about aesthetics. In fact, it is important to check the thickness of the mattress (we advise at least 12-15 cm) and the material with which it is made. Doing this can guarantee a comfortable night’s rest for anyone using it. In addition, always take into account the method used for opening a sofa-bed and make sure it is practical and easy to open and close without complex mechanisms. A model that might inspire you is Eclettico by Calia Italia, with its modular and minimal design that adapts to any environment. This sofa-bed is light, opens and closes easily and has a mattress made of ecological polyurethane foam.

divano letto calia italia eclettico

How to choose a sofa if you have a dog or a cat

No matter how many people tell themselves that they will never let their dog or cat on the sofa, sooner or later everyone gives in. How can you resist the sweet eyes and cuddles of your furry friends? This is why it is important to choose a pet-proof sofa that has stain-proof, water-repellent and scratch-proof covering. Like this, your sofa will be easy to clean and will not get ruined by paws and scratches. In order to avoid the spread of hair, on the other hand, it is a good idea to opt for dark-coloured fabrics or fabrics in a shade closest to the colour of your pet’s hair.

divano calia italia elisir

An example of a perfect sofa for those who have a dog or a cat is the Elisir model by Calia Italia, which comes in leather and fabric and its colour and shape is designed to accommodate your four-legged companion next to you.

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How to choose a sofa in a small house

Furnishing a small house may not always be that easy. For instance, is it better to choose a larger sofa and give up other furnishings, or to go for a smaller-sized model? A lot depends on the shape of the room, the presence of doors and windows and how you can exploit corners and walls. Choosing a modular sofa may be the best solution as it will give you the option to compose and customise it according to the space you have available. You could also opt for footstools for extra comfort and precious extra support surfaces.