What is the best position for your armchair?

7 июня 2021

If you have already moved your armchair a thousand times because you don’t know where to put it, here are some useful tips to help you decide once and for all where it should be!

Where to put an armchair: a guide to choosing the best position

Along with the sofa, the armchair is one of the most timeless pieces of furniture for the home. Perfect for creating extra comfort zones in all rooms of the house, from the living room to the bedroom, armchairs can even furnish the smallest rooms. However, it is not always easy to choose the best position for your armchair. Where should it be placed in relation to your sofa? What is the best position according to the style of your furnishings and the rest of your furniture? Let’s take a look at some tips for understanding the ideal position for your new armchair.

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Where to put an armchair in the living room

In the living room, an armchair can assume many different positions depending on the size of your room and the position of the rest of your furniture. Generally, armchairs should be placed near your sofa or in an empty corner of the room to fill the space and create a corner dedicated to relaxation. The important thing is that your chosen armchair is in line with the style and colours of the furnishings.

calia italia poltrona nicolas

A leather armchair could be just the ticket for any living room. One example is the ‘Nicolas’ model by Calia Italia, which is characterised by small dimensions that guarantee style and comfort and, on request, can be made in a swivel version or a swivel with rocker.

How to combine a sofa and armchair?

Armchairs can be combined with any type of sofa, from corner sofas to linear models – including those with a chaise-longe or footstool. However the ideal position has to be to the side or in front of your sofa, especially if you plan to use the living room to host several people and want to create an environment that encourages conversation. In addition, you can also have fun with the amount of armchairs you place, perhaps by adding more than one in the living area.

calia italia poltrona venere

On a stylistic note, the most classic choice (which is never a bad thing) is to combine a sofa and armchair from the same collection, such as the ‘Venere’ armchair and sofa by Calia Italia, which both share the same essential style. If you want to be more daring though, you can combine armchairs from different collections but of the same style, though you must be careful to check that the style is actually similar. On a chromatic level, you might wish to choose different colours if the rest of your furniture is neutral, taking care to avoid chromatic contrasts that are too strong compared to the colour of your sofa (e.g. a red, yellow or green armchair will be fine if the colour of the sofa is neutral). In this way your armchair will become the star of your living room. On the other hand, if you want to give equal importance to the sofa and armchair, you can simply focus on complementary colour combinations.

Where to put an armchair in the bedroom

In addition to the living room, an armchair can also be placed in the bedroom. The question of course though is ‘how’? If you have an empty corner, you can combine it with a coffee table to create a small breakfast area. Alternatively, you can place it at the end of the bed as a comfortable support for clothes. You might even place it near the window where you can enjoy natural light and use the armchair to read or watch TV.

calia italia poltrona norman

The eye catching ‘Norman’ by Calia Italia is a model that can also be used in the bedroom. Light in form and surprisingly comfortable, ‘Norman’ is an armchair characterised by a forward-sloping tubular metal frame and is upholstered with regenerated leather and a soft cushion-back designed to offer a stylish yet informal comfort experience.

The perfect position for armchairs: other ideas for the home

Though armchairs are often placed in living rooms and bedrooms, you can also have a lot of fun by placing them all over the home. For instance, if you have a large entrance hall you might want to try placing one or two armchairs there as a way to create a corner of extra comfort in a spacious hallway.

calia italia poltrona coco

Armchairs are also a perfect fit for a study (we recommend the ‘Cocò’ model by Calia Italia) or in front of a bookcase, perhaps combined with a footstool, to create a modern reading corner. In this instance, we suggest focusing on an armchair with a soft seat and incomparable comfort such as the ‘Jacob’ model by Calia Italia, an armchair inspired by the classic style of bergère reading chairs.

calia italia poltrona Jacob