‘Dormeuse’ and chaise-longue: the difference and the models you can’t live without

21 февраля 2022

Since ancient times, the ‘dormeuse’ and chaise-longue have been two much loved and highly sought after pieces of furniture…offering a comfort experience that knows no bounds! Let’s find out more about these fantastic companions for relaxation!

calia italia venere dormeuse

Differences and definition of ‘dormeuse’ and chaise-longue

When it comes to relaxing in your living room, the best piece of furniture for this is undoubtedly the ‘dormeuse’ or, alternatively, the chaise-longue. A favourite since Roman times, the dormeuse is a mix between a sofa and an armchair and it lends itself to various uses as well as offering you the chance to sit or lie on it in the position you prefer. Elegant and with an attractive design, it is a piece of furniture that can become the star of your living room and guarantees an unparalleled comfort experience.

calia italia divano genius loci 1

Instead the chaise-longue is a deeper (i.e. longer) seat of the sofa and yet this too is the object of desire for those who love to spend moments of pure relaxation, alone or in company.

Our most beautiful dormeuse and chaise-longue models

Dormeuse and chaise-longues are true oases of relaxation that allow you to lie down comfortably while watching a film or reading a book. They are perfect for those afternoon naps or for just simply relaxing alone (or in company) and they offer all this without giving up on elegance. What’s more, they offer a refined design that also enriches and warms the home environment. Indeed they are the furnishing accessories that everyone dreams of!

If you love them too, here are the models to choose from.

calia italia venere dormeuse2


Among the most elegant dormeuse models is the ‘Venere Dormeuse’ model by Calia Italia, which is part of the ‘Mater Familias Collection’. Thanks to the cushions for the back and the armrest, it is characterised by an embracing seat and essential lines.

calia italia mater familias daybed 1

Similar to the style of the dormeuse but different in structure and philosophy is the ‘Mater Familias Day Bed’ by Calia Italia, which deserves a mention since it is the first model in an important collection dedicated to the role of women and the culture of Matera. Its fork-shaped foot is shaped like the tool used by women to pull the ropes on which they would hang their laundry. Instead the stitching along the edges recalls sacks of wheat and flour used during times past. The padding evokes the mattresses that were sewn by the women while the overlapping cushions tell the story of the stratification of Matera’s millenary culture. Finally, the overall structure is welcoming and recalls the solidarity of the ‘neighbourhood’.

calia italia divano mater familias 2


If you were thinking of purchasing a sofa with a chaise-longue rather than a dormeuse, Calia Italia has several models in its catalogue that you will fall in love with. The first is the ‘Mater Familias’, a model created to support and accommodate everything that shapes the comfort experience – with style and elegance.

calia italia divano hiphop 1

If you are looking for a modular sofa that can be customised according to your needs, the ‘Hip Hop’ is the model for you. Thanks to its trapezoidal modules, you can create original and sinuous compositions that can also include a chaise-longue. The soft curve in the lower area of this model will guarantee you an incomparable rest!

calia italia divano romeo.relax_ 1

Finally, if you want to enjoy the relaxing comfort of a sofa ‘par excellence’ the right chaise longue for you is the Romeo Relax model. In fact, it’s no coincidence that it is one of Calia Italia’s bestsellers!