5 ideas for choosing a child-proof sofa

15 декабря 2022

We all know that with small children in the house, stains and spills are always a possibility. So how do you choose a sofa that won’t get ruined and is suitable for small children?

How to choose a sofa: what to watch out for if there are children in the house

Choosing a sofa is not easy because so many factors must be taken into account, such as the size, type of furniture, ease of washing, intended use and also who are the people that will use it most. For instance, if you have small children at home you will need to pay particular attention to choosing a sofa that does not easily get ruined, since with children it is difficult to expect the house (and indeed the furnishings) to remain immaculate. Here is how to guide your choice for a child-proof sofa with five small tips to keep in mind.

Childproof sofas: 5 tips for the best choice

To choose the most suitable sofa if you have one or more small children at home, just follow a few small steps.

#1 Go for fabric or microfibre sofas

Microfibre and fabric sofas are easier to wash than velvet or leather models, especially in the case of stains, which we know are a constant danger with children. Indeed all it takes is a spilled drink or a dirty hand on the sofa to do a little damage. Removing stains is much easier with microfibre or fabric sofas. They are also more resistant to scratches than leather sofas. At the same time, it is easier to remove dust from a fabric sofa than a velvet sofa, which is very important if you have children who suffer from asthma or are allergic to dust.

#2 Consider a sofa with a removable cover

Most fabric and microfibre sofas also have removable covers. This is an advantage because in case of stains, you can easily remove the sofa cover and put it in the washing machine making cleaning easier and faster.

#3 Opt for large sofas

With children at home who love jumping, running and just generally enjoying the space on the sofa next to their brothers, sisters and parents, a large sofa is ideal to comfortably accommodate the whole family and allow them some degree of movement.
Calia Italia has a range of sofas that are suitable for children and they’re available in fabric and come with completely removable covers. For instance, there’s ‘Matheola’, a generously sized model, and also ‘Hip Hop’, a modular sofa which, thanks to its soft shapes and the possibility to compose it in total freedom, can be customised according to your needs and guarantees an incredible comfort experience for parents and children.

#4 Sofas that are perfect for napping

Children love the sofa not only for watching TV or playing, but also for enjoying a nice nap. Indeed how many times have your children fallen asleep on the sofa and you with them? One way to be very comfortable sleeping on the sofa is to choose a model that can be extended into an actual day-bed. This is the case with the ‘Toby Wing’ in microfibre or removable fabric by Calia Italia which, thanks to its backrest and extendable seats, can become a day-bed.

#5 Pick colourful and playful sofas

Finally, if you have children at home, why not go for a playful and colourful piece of furniture suitable for the childlike spirit? One example is the ‘Daisy’ model by Calia Italia. With its youthful, modern, rounded shapes this model features innovative 3D upholstery in bright colours. Daisy does not have a removable cover though, so special care must be taken in the presence of children. However, it is certainly a lively sofa suitable for families who want to cuddle up and share moments of play together!