Furniture Bonus 2024: the right opportunity to renovate your home

23 Februar 2024

Guide to buying furniture and appliances throughout the calendar year thanks to the tax deductions made available by the government. Here are the conditions for taking advantage of the 2024 furniture bonus and renovating your home

With the budget manoeuvre that has just been passed, the government has confirmed the 2024 furniture bonus, which allows you to benefit from a tax deduction of 50 per cent of the expenses incurred for the purchase of furniture and household appliances. The deduction is calculated on a maximum amount of EUR 5,000 for 2024, after of course proving the expenditure incurred in the tax return, and any transport and assembly costs are also included in the cost. The 2024 furniture bonus is therefore the right opportunity to renovate your home, for example by transforming your living room with a Calia Italia sofa, which among its Collections allows you to choose the ideal model in terms of style, colour and upholstery.

How the 2024 furniture bonus works

The 2024 furniture bonus is among the tax benefits granted to those who carries out building renovation workallowing up to 50 per cent of the expenditure incurred to be deducted under the limit set at EUR 5,000, to be spread over 10 instalments in the tax return for the relevant tax year and subsequent tax years. This is a slight reduction compared to 2023, where the maximum amount was set at EUR 8,000, but it is a good opportunity to buy large household appliances and furniture, including beds, wardrobes, sofas, armchairs, chests of drawers, bedside tables, chairs, desks and lighting fixtures.

The works qualifying for the furniture bonus are extraordinary maintenance, restoration and renovation on individual flats, entire buildings, buildings damaged by natural disasters if a state of emergency has been declared, and for the common parts of condominium buildings for which the furniture bonus also applies in the case of ordinary maintenance work. Finally, access to the 2024 furniture bonus is certified by payments made by traceable means such as bank or postal transfer, debit or credit card, while cheques or cash are excluded. If payment is made by bank transfer, one must use the one subject to withholding specially prepared by banks and Poste Italiane for building renovation expenses.

How to furnish your home with the best models on the market

Therefore, if you are carrying out renovation work at home among those listed above, retains the receipt for the payment made and the invoice for the purchase of the goods indicating the nature, quantity and quality of the services purchased, including transport and assembly costs, in order to qualify for the tax deduction provided for in the 2024 furniture bonus. This is a great opportunity to breathe new life into your living room with modern furniture, taking care of every detail to make the beating heart of every home, the place where we welcome guests, relax, and which more generally best represents our identity, more comfortable.

And how can we not make a Calia Italia sofa the star of our living room? The market today offers numerous solutions, both fixed and angular, or modular compositions that we can enrich with an armchair, pouf, or other elements of different lengths. Highly sophisticated technological models with manual and electric recliners to provide all the comfort you need, and able to make the most of the available space with sofas that can also be transformed into comfortable day beds if required.

Take a look at the Calia Italia collections for home renovation: you can choose retro style sofas or ultra-modern upholstery, with minimalist looks, classic colours or the most fashionable shades. Everything you need, the right solution for every need.