Calia Italia among Italian companies at ‘High Point Market’

9 Oktober 2023

Calia Italia returns to the ‘High Point Market 2023’ exhibition in North Carolina, one of the main international events in the sector. Many models from the company’s diverse collections will be on show.

Taking part in one of the most important international events in the sector (14th to 18th October 2023) is a source of pride for Calia Italia and we are returning to the ‘High Point Market’ trade fair in North Carolina, United States, to showcase the best of our products once again this year. Putting our classics and latest products on show, Calia Italia will once again be among the local companies representing ‘Made in Italy’ at a fair that brings together more than 100 countries with thousands of exhibitors. Such staggering numbers make ‘High Point Market 2023’ a not-to-be-missed moment for any company that wants to increase its business volume in the international arena. It’s the right occasion for Calia Italia to showcase some of its best models that well represent Italian creativity and excellence, which is always much admired in the rest of the world.

Calia Italia models at ‘High Point Market’

There is a long list of furnishing accessories that our company is presenting at ‘High Point Market 2023’. The Gourmandise collection, perhaps the most elegant and aesthetically refined among those of Calia Italia, is present with one of its most structured models, ‘Dragées’. Its name (recalling sugared almonds) already makes it clear how inviting, elegant and light this sofa is as well as striking with its extremely thin base.

‘Drusilla’ also features in the same collection with its unmistakable seventies style. For a maximum comfort experience Calia Italia focuses on the wide and generous seat of the ‘Matheola’ sofa, while ‘Eclettico’ is a modular sofa-bed model capable of creating different versions to match any furnishing style allowing you to achieve top customisation by making full use of any living space.

Staying on the same theme, Calia Italia is proposing two models from the ‘Modular Collection’ at ‘High Point Market 2023’ that have already starred in past editions, namely ‘Fox Trot’ and ‘Daisy’. ‘Fox Trot’ is presented in its new ‘relax’ version, while ‘Daisy’ has already become a must among Calia Italia models thanks to its young and urban style, which is particularly suitable for modern furnishing environments.

Our new product at the fair is a reinterpretation of our iconic ‘Hotel’ armchair, which was created in 1997 by Calia Italia designer Grazia Lionetti. The ‘Hotel’ armchair debuted at the High Point Market in North Carolina in 1998 and today is the most copied model in the world. Indeed, every upholstered furniture district across the globe features a ‘Hotel’ armchair, either as a duplication of the original design or as a new interpretation.

This armchair is characterised by its wooden base and its rounded, embracing shapes that make it very contemporary and give it a unique comfort. Today, Calia Italia is re-introducing the original version of the armchair at the High Point Market fair in North Carolina in October 2023, where it will come in natural leather combined with De Luxe category ‘cavallino’ leather.

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, the company has created new versions: a chaise-longe with asymmetrical armrests, a three-seater sofa and a highly original oval footstool. This comprehensive and versatile project is a worthy proposition for both business and domestic environments.

Lots of armchairs at the fair

In such an important year, our most popular armchair models can’t be missing. That’s why we’ll be bringing classics like ‘Jacob’, with its iconic design inspired by bergère reading chairs as well as ‘Norman’, which is surprisingly comfortable with its tubular metal frame. 

The big stars at the fair will be the variants of the ‘Giuggiola’ – designed by Calia Italia. ‘Madame G’, with its characteristic tail base reminiscent of the train of an evening dress, is its French variant, which boasts a back that transforms into a sumptuous tulip. It will be accompanied by ‘Lady G’, the English variant, characterised by a soft quilted duvet that acts as upholstery and by decorative elements represented by 4 central buttons and a front fastening. Finally, ‘Doña G’ is the Spanish version with a back that resembles a rigorous dress featuring martingale decorated with fringes.

Alongside these models is the brand new ‘Vivì’ armchair, an evolution of ‘Madame G’ but characterised by a higher backrest that transforms it into a more intimate place ‘where you can retreat your soul’.

There are other Calia Italia models that have become classics to highlight being exhibited at ‘High Point Market 2023’ from 14th to 18th October. From the essential style of ‘Venere’, which in its latest version is also enriched with a peninsula, to the modular sofa with sculpted dimensions of ‘Sommier’, with its technological tilting mechanisms for the back and armrests. Finally, ‘Aplomb’ is the ideal sofa for contemporary middle-class living that wants to make the living room the pulsating centre for entertaining and conversing with guests. 

There’ll be lots of products for all tastes and all kinds of needs and so we’ll see you in October at the ‘High Point Market’ trade fair with a rich array of the best furnishing accessories by Calia Italia.