Imm Cologne. Calia Italia and new trends in interior design.

12 February 2020

Imm Cologne inaugurated the season of international design fairs and ended with a decidedly positive result. In terms of numbers, the ‘Internationale Möbelmesse’ registered around 128,000 visitors (more than the 125,000 in 2018) and over 1,230 exhibitors. In terms of quality, the event delivered on the promise made: "Discover Interior Ideas".

Imm Cologne has in fact laid the foundations for the new trends that we will see blossoming in the near future. The common denominator is the desire to "live better”. From comfort to style, from the use of space to colour and from technology to sustainability, there were 8 main trends inaugurated in Cologne and Calia Italia, present at the fair with its top models, has already captured them all.

The first trend, as we all know, concerns sustainability and even in the world of design, this is mainly translated into investments in eco-design and research. This ultimately leads to the creation of zero impact objects or the design of products that reuse production waste – to mention only a few outcomes. As witnesses to this commitment Calia Italia has created the U'Strozz and Ferula models.

The second trend is all green and includes the use of plants to furnish interiors and the opening of houses to the outdoors – all becoming fixed points in the design of apartments.

The third trend concerns intelligent applications that allow us to improve the quality of life in an every increasingly ‘friendly’ way. Indeed, technology is becoming more and more of an integral part of furniture (as seen for example in the armrest of the Modula sofa by Calia Italia).

Trend number 4 concerns the optimisation of space. Apartments are getting smaller and smaller and the demand for space-saving furniture is becoming a real trend. Therefore, small sofas and armchairs (such as the Fleur and Deliziante armchairs by Calia Italia) with compact seating are increasingly in demand.

The fifth trend (for Calia Italia) is home comfort, which is increasingly in demand in every environment. Comfort, relaxation and ergonomics have become a must in the sector. For sofas, the direction is moving towards seats with an open base and more versatile models – such as the Toby Wing sofa by Calia Italia.

Trend number 6 concerns the elimination of separation between rooms. There is one key example: the kitchen and living room. Both spaces now have a single soul and the furnishing elements, such as the seats, are evolving to allow new experiences of comfort and conviviality at different times of the day.

Trend number 7 is a great classic that should never be underestimated: colour. Colour speaks about us and it influences the way we live and see things. It represents a fundamental element of design and well-being. For example, a careful choice of upholstery for sofas is always necessary to match colours and fabrics.

Next to colour there is the eighth and final trend: the value of the decoration elements. Each one of us communicates his or her personality with clothing but we also do the same with design and this means that our choice of home furnishing objects is therefore of great importance. When you buy a new sofa, you are looking for a perfect combination of comfort and functionality but also for something that best represents your personality. Every detail of furniture communicates something about yourself and sofas are no exception.