How to choose a colourful sofa.

26 June 2020

When we feel the need to change something in our lives, we could choose to start with our home furnishings. One example might be to give new life to our living room with a touch of colour. Indeed, we might even decide to change our sofa completely. With a specially chosen shade, the latter idea can create a focal point for any guest’s attention. Whether our house is furnished in a classic or modern style, with a rich or minimalist design, a colourful sofa can really infuse character into the whole room.

So, what are the right shades? The trendiest this year, elected by Pantone Colour of the Year 2020, is ‘Classic Blue’. According to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, it is a boundless blue that evokes the “vast and infinite evening sky and encourages us to look beyond the obvious to expand our thinking.” It is a colour that relaxes and gives inner peace, making it perfect for a sofa – especially when combined with walls and floor in neutral colours (such as cream or turtledove). It can even work in combination with a medium intensity grey or light wood.

Speaking of relaxation and softness, those lighter shades (such as white, beige or turtledove) are colours that give life to very refined effects on a design object like the sofa. For instance, they can increase the degree of comfort and harmony in a room and give a touch of sober and timeless elegance.

Purple is one of the boldest and yet most elegant choices. A purple sofa can create a cozy and relaxing lounge, where you can spend pleasant and interesting evenings chatting with your guests. For glamour and that metropolitan effect, adding metallic details is the perfect match – or you can even add material colours with light shades.

Finally there’s red – in all its shades. It can be used to create seductive contrasts, or combined with strong colours such as yellow, to characterise the design of sophisticated sofas with great personality.

What really matters though is choosing the sofa that best represents us, without being afraid to dare and to live a truly unique comfort experience.

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