How to choose a dog-proof sofa

28 September 2020

The sofa is one of the most favoured places of rest – and not just for us humans. Indeed even our four-legged friends choose to spend most of their time sat on the sofa at home. Who can blame them, given that guaranteed comfort that comes from the king of the living room. Our dogs particularly love to wait on the sofa for us to get home from work or from whatever commitment keeps us away from them and away from home.

This is why if we are going to let our best friends snuggle up next to us at home, we should definitely choose a ‘dog-proof sofa’.

The first tip is to opt for a stain-resistant or easy-to-clean coating. This way we can relax together with our furry companion on the sofa without the fear of irreversible damage from perhaps a split drink due to some unexpected cuddling!

Another trick to follow is to opt for a resistant coating, i.e. one able to withstand the paws of our faithful friend. If you also choose a darker colour, any stains or marks will be less visible. In fact, the ideal solution could be to choose a sofa with a colour as close as possible to that of your little pup, so that the hair that they will inevitably leave will not be noticed as much.

If you chose a leather sofa instead, you will certainly have an easier life as far as cleaning is concerned – even with simple household methods. In fact, to remove dirt, a simple wipe with a damp cloth can be sufficient and just a simple dusting can be enough to get rid of that hair since it won’t stick to the upholstery. On the other hand, getting rid of possible scratches will not be so easy and in some cases it may even be impossible. Don’t forget though that signs of wear and tear (as long as they’re not excessive) give a leather sofa that more lived-in, vintage look.

To conclude, we should go for the best upholstery possible and when it comes to ‘dog-proof sofas’, the winner is undoubtedly microfibre, which is extremely scratch-resistant and easy to clean. Also, for any stains, a towel and water mixed with a little neutral soap are is all you need.

If we are going to fall in love with our four-legged friends at first sight then the best gift we can give them is to choose the most comfortable sofa on which to share our moments of relaxation!

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