Calia Italia launches a section to help you find the perfect leather or fabric for you!

25 May 2021

Comfort, cleanliness, durability, feel, colour… your choice of sofa covering is certainly not trivial and the possibilities are endless. This is why Calia Italia has created two new sections dedicated to coverings that will help you make an informed and personalised choice!

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Fancy customising your sofa? Use the new Calia Italia catalogue to choose the covering that suits you best!

Our choice of sofa upholstery has a great impact on how we experience and perceive our homes. Just as everyone has a perfume that represents them and expresses their taste and personality, it is equally important to find the right leather or fabric covering that enhances our environment, adapts to our needs (in terms of functionality, ease of cleaning and also the resistance of the coverings) and guarantees maximum comfort, relaxation and pleasure to the touch and to the eye. Calia Italia offers the possibility of customising your sofa or armchair thanks to a vast range of leather and fabric coverings and to help you find your way among all the types, characteristics and colour variants out there, it has created two new sections on its website. Let’s take a closer look!

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Discover the Calia Italia catalogue with all leather coverings

Not all leather is the same! Calia Italia only uses real leather for its models, which is carefully selected and tanned without the use of products that are harmful to health. We have an assortment of 19 leather products with 107 colour variants. To find your way around all of our leather products (divided into protected grain and full grain leathers), just consult the relevant section of Calia Italia here.

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Discover the Calia Italia catalogue with all fabric coverings

Those looking for a fabric cover can choose from a wide range of fabrics and microfibres consisting of 29 products with 442 colour variations! Calia Italia sofas can be upholstered in natural, synthetic or microfibre fabrics and are completely customisable.

All our fabrics have one important thing in common – they are all subjected to specific tests that certify the resistance of the colour and the textile materials. Let yourself be transported into a magical world of fabrics and colours by visiting the section dedicated to Calia Italia fabric covers and creating your own sofa. Unique. Special. Just as you’ve always wanted.