European Football Championship: how to support the Italian national football team with Calia Italia products

25 June 2021

Calia Italia partners with Casa Azzurri for EURO 2020: We have furnished the home of the Italian national football team with 3 iconic and customised products, including the limited edition ‘U’Strozz’ footstool... which can also become the star player of your living room!

Calia Italia furnishes Italy at the European Football Championship (and has a surprise for you)

The European Football Championships have begun and Italians are gathering in front of their TVs, ready to cheer on Signor Mancini and his Azzurri.  Calia Italia, which has been promoting sporting initiatives for 30 years, has entered into a special partnership with Casa Azzurri for EURO 2020, involving both the official furnishings of the ‘Home’ of the Italian national football team and your living room.

calia italia pouf u strozz divano dragees casa azzurri 1

Casa Azzurri features many of our iconic models – including the limited edition ‘U’Strozz’ footstool.  In fact it is this footstool that stars in the special offer that will colour your evenings blue this summer as you cheer on Italy in comfort!

Dragees, Madame G and U’Strozz footstool: discover the models by Calia Italia that make Casa Azzurri unique

Calia Italia will be at the 5000 square metres of Casa Azzurri, which has been created at the ‘PratiBus’ site near the Olympic Stadium in Rome. We’ll be bringing three of our most representative and iconic products: the new ‘Dragees’ sofa, the new ‘Madame G’ armchair and the ‘U’Strozz’ footstools.

calia italia pouf u strozz poltrona madame g divano dragees casa azzurri 1

Casa Azzurri will feature 3 ‘Dragees’ sofas, 6 ‘Madame G’ armchairs and 28 ‘U’Strozz’ footstools in fabrics inspired by the colours of the national team (light blue and gold).

The national and international press will also be able to follow the Italian national team’s matches in comfort and style with these three models also featuring at the ‘Casa Azzurri Media Center’ at the FIGC Federal Technical Centre in Coverciano.

poltrona calia italia madame g covericano 1

"Colour your home blue": The limited edition ‘U’Strozz’footstool is available until 11 July.

Our partnership with Casa Azzurri is not only limited to the PratiBus area – it also arrives straight into your home. Indeed from 28th May, Calia Italia is offering a special deal in which if you buy a Calia Italia sofa, for just 1 euro more you can have the Casa Azzurri limited edition version of the ‘U’Strozz’ footstool as a gift.

calia italia pouf u strozz limited edition 1

The ‘U’Strozz’ footstool is one of our company's iconic models not only because of its sophisticated design but also the fact that it is made from manufacturing waste. ‘U’Strozz’ really is a unique product and a great emblem for the circular economy.

In the Casa Azzurri edition, the ‘U’Strozz’ footstool will feature an exclusive three-colour band, packaging with the Casa Azzurri logo and a dedicated pendant with a commemorative photo of the Italian national team. Get ready to cheer on the national team in comfort on a 'footstool from Casa Azzurri under the sky of an Italian summer.