Calia Italia’s ‘Tango’ sofa wins X Factor 2021

10 December 2021

Baltimore is the winner of the last edition of the X Factor. Many congratulations from Calia Italia, who followed and supported the talents of the Sky programme throughout the season!

calia italia divano tango per xfactor 3

X Factor 2021: Calia Italia products side with talent

X Factor 2021 has come to an end. On Thursday 9 December, the final was held at the Mediolanum Forum in Assago, amidst glittering lights and incredible guests such as Coldplay and Maneskin. The winner of this edition was Baltimora from the ‘Hell Raton’ team, who beat second placed Gianmaria (from Emma Marrone’s team) as well as Manuel Agnelli’s ‘Bengala Fire’, who came in third.

calia italia divano modula per xfactor

The adventure of these months, including performances, long days of rehearsals and moments of fun and friendship among the contestants, has been strongly supported by Calia Italia,which has supplied the Sky programme with its most iconic models of sofas, armchairs and footstools. Indeed, the Matera based company has always supported young talent and supporting the X Factor this year has shown once again that it has not failed in its commitment.

calia italia divano tango

Calia Italia’s ‘Tango’ model is winner Baltimora’s lucky charm

Calia Italia featured in the Sky programme with a great variety of products, including the ‘Dragées’ sofa, ‘Modula’, ‘Venere’ and ‘Tango’. These are just some of the models that we were able to admire during these months inside the talent show and that accompanied the days inside the loft, between lessons, tests and moments of confrontation with the judges.

calia italia divano dragees per xfactor

Baltimora’s victory was certainly boosted by Calia Italia’s ‘Tango’ model. This multi-faceted and contemporary modular sofa, which combines linear forms and an interplay of colour, hosted Hell Raton’s team during those moments of confrontation and preparation for the live shows.

calia italia divano tango per xfactor
calia italia divano tango per xfactor 2

It was on this temple of comfort that Baltimora discovered the assignments that would lead him to the final, had discussions with the judges, listened to Hell Raton’s motivational speeches and had fun with his teammates. This dynamic and constantly changing sofa was the perfect good luck charm for a young singer’s X Factor victory.

calia italia divano venere bench per xfactor

In addition to ‘Tango’, there were other models that accompanied Baltimora’s adventure in X Factor 2021. For instance, there was also the ‘Venere’ sofa with its essential but sophisticated lines, the ‘Deliziante’ armchair (Hell Raton’s favourite thanks to its elegant capitonné workmanship) and the ‘Mater Familias’ bench, which is extremely comfortable and suitable for any environment thanks to its typical stratified seat.

calia italia divano venere bench pouf ustrozz per xfactor

The other Calia Italia models on the X Factor 2021 podium

Along with Baltimore, second placed Gianmaria (from Emma Marrone’s team) and Manuel Agnelli’s ‘Bengala Fire’, who ended their experience in third place, made it onto the podium. Their adventure was also accompanied by the comfort of Calia Italia models.

All that remains is to wish the best of luck to all these young talents for their future in the world of music!