Trendsetting sofas 2022: the models to choose if you go crazy for the new Colour of the Year

11 January 2022

Very Peri’ is the Pantone 2022 colour, a completely new shade that combines tradition and innovation. If you’re already falling in love with it, discover the most fashionable sofas to make your interior unique!

calia italia dettaglio divano mater familias

2022 is ‘Very Peri’: the new Pantone colour is also cool in interior design

Every design enthusiast has been waiting for the ‘Colour of the Year’ – the colour that will dominate the trends of the new year in all areas, from fashion to furniture. The choice of this shade always has a very precise meaning and can influence not only our taste but also the choice of the colour of our sofa or armchair. For 2022, a historic decision has been taken. ‘Very Peri’ (the new Pantone colour) is not an existing shade associated with the new year, as is usually the case, but instead a new shade created specifically for the coming year. This choice is influenced by this particular moment in history and reflects a world that is in constant movement where colours also have to evolve and innovate. Furniture must also embrace these new trends whilst also bringing pleasure and a desire for novelty. Indeed at Calia Italia we have a range of models in trend with the Pantone 2022 colour – are you curious to find out more?

‘Very Peri’: hue, meaning and why it is the colour of the year 2022

‘Very Peri’, identified by number 17-3938, is a distinctive periwinkle blue (named after the flower of the same name) and is influenced by red and purple undertones. Blue, the dominant colour, represents security, our comfort zone and our roots whilst the red and purple tones express a drive toward the future.

The Pantone 2022 colour stems from a desire to combine tradition and innovation, real life and digital. As the Pantone Institute says, “It is a representation of the global zeitgeist of the moment and the transition we are going through. As we emerge from an intense period of isolation, our notions and lifestyles are changing and our real and digital lives have merged in new ways”.

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Colour of the year 2022: Calia Italia sofas on trend

If you have already fallen in love with ‘Very Peri’ (both for its colour and for its message of hope and innovation) and you want to change the look of your home furnishings, 2022 is the right time. All you need is a sofa in trend with the Colour of the Year and your living room will be completely renewed, elegant and fashionable.

calia italia divano mater familias

Among the Calia Italia models featuring this new shade (or a very similar one), we would certainly recommend the Mater Familias sofa. This emblem of elegance and style (thanks to its layered seat and thin, embracing structure) will be even more the absolute star of your space thanks to its in-style shade with the Colour of the Year 2022.

calia italia poltrona delizia

For an equally sophisticated yet more classic style, the Delizia armchair is a model you can’t do without. Both the seat and the back are capitonné worked and this, combined with the curvy and particular shape of its armrest, makes this armchair a true icon of elegance not to mention a symbol of the artisan care for detail.

Speaking of capitonné work, those with a weakness for this style won’t be able to resist the Belle Epoque model by Calia Italia. This is a refined and precious sofa that stands out for the modern and sophisticated design of its feet. Furthermore, in the Colour of the Year it becomes a very important and impressive sofa, perfect for those who want to amaze their guests and share great moments of togetherness with them.

calia italia poltroncina giuggiola very peri

Finally, the Giuggiola model is the ideal choice for those wanting to emphasise the bold character of their furnishings. In fact, this armchair was created to enhance the beauty and strength of women and is inspired by the “crocchie”, the braids with which the women of Matera who lived in the Sassi gathered their hair. In the ‘Very Peri’ long pile upholstery version, Giuggiola represents the true essence of the Pantone 2022 shade and sees tradition and innovation come together in a unique, special and unrepeatable union.