Comfortable designer sofa bed: the new ‘Dafne’ model by Calia Italia

27 June 2022

Design and modernity are the main words to describe ‘Dafne’, the new sofa bed model presented by Calia Italia at the ‘Salone del Mobile 2022’ in Milan.

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Calia Italia presents the ‘Dafne’ sofa at the ‘Salone del Mobile 2022’

The ‘Salone del Mobile in Milan 2022’ was an opportunity to present new products in the design and living space sector, including new trends in sofas. After all, the sofa is the absolute star of our living rooms and everyone is interested in discovering the most innovative and comfortable models. Three new entries were presented by Calia Italia during the international furniture fair in the sofa-bed category: ‘Quadra’, ‘Sfera’ and ‘Dafne’. While the first two are sofas that can also become beds, ‘Dafne’ is an actual new sofa-bed by the Matera-based company. It is the flagship model of an exclusive upcoming collection that stems from the desire to combine a contemporary and sophisticated design with the need to recreate the comfort of a real bed – all while providing peaceful and relaxing nights to the guests of those who choose this model for their living rooms.

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‘Dafne’: all the features of this new sofa bed

‘Dafne’ (part of Calia Italia’s new sofa-bed collection) is the brainchild of Daniele Della Porta, who is a designer who has already collaborated with our brand by creating some of our most iconic models, including: the ‘Norman’ sofa, ‘Quint’Essenza' and ‘Modula’, which was also included in the ADI DESIGN INDEX 2016 and won the Lazio Design Excellence Award.

‘Dafne’ is a sofa bed with a modern design and sinuous, rounded lines that is capable of changing appearance without giving in to compromise. Its name is in fact inspired by the nymph of the same name, who chose to turn herself into a laurel plant rather than give in to unwanted love.

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During the day, ‘Dafne’ is a comfortable sofa for relaxing in peace and quiet, while at night, with just a few simple movements, it transforms into a cosy bed equipped with a 13 cm high, ecological polyurethane foam mattress, thus guaranteeing a deep sleep and allowing total rest. Available in various sizes (2 beds, 2 ½ and 3 beds), this model is not cumbersome even in the largest bed version (with a 160 cm mattress it reaches 208 cm in length)

Designed for living spaces, you could even combine it with the ‘Milla’ armchair to make welcoming guests even more comfortable.

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