5 trends for your sofa from Milan Fashion Week 2023

23 March 2023

 What are the spring-summer fashion trends for 2023? We have collected the trends from Fashion Week that you can recreate right away at home by applying them to the style of your interior design!

From fashion week to your sofa at home: sofa trends to copy now

Milan Fashion Week is one of the most important events in the fashion industry. It’s when the most important fashion houses and promising designers on the Italian (and international) scene bring their new collections to the catwalk and dictate the trends for the coming season. However, some of these fashion trends do not only apply to clothing as you can also recreate them in the furnishings of your home. If you want to renew the style of your living room, all you have to do is choose a contemporary sofa that follows the trends of the latest fashion week.

5 sofas to choose now based on the trends of Milan Fashion Week 2023

We have collected five trends from Fashion Week that can also be applied to sofas. Here are the ones to choose from for innovative, cutting-edge furniture.

Embracing and extra-soft shapes

From New York Fashion Week 2023 to Milan Fashion Week 2023, many brands have focused on clothes with soft, embracing shapes. The watchwords are comfort and freedom without sacrificing elegance and this makes it a trend that is also easily applicable to contemporary sofas. Indeed the ‘Daisy’ model by Calia Italia is a perfect example. 

Inspired by marshmallows, the ‘Daisy’ sofa is versatile, with embracing, rounded shapes and no armrests that make the environment joyful and comfortable. ‘Daisy’ is the most youthful sofa in the entire Calia Italia line and its 3D fabric also contributes to its contemporary character.

Flowers, flowers, flowers

Flowers are a big must for the spring season and they never cease to appeal to designers all over the world as they try to revamp this motif every year.

If you want to give your living room a floral touch, you might consider going for the ‘Mater Familias’ armchair. Essential, elegant and extrovert, it provides an ideal comfort experience thanks to its slim, embracing structure and typical layered seat.

The colour of the year, ‘Viva Magenta’

From pastel shades to more vivid and defined hues, colour has always been all the rage on the catwalks. Renovating your sofa or its upholstery is easy when opting for one of the trendiest colours in 2023 and you are spoilt for choice.

If you want to go for the ‘Colour of the Year’, ‘Viva Magenta’, you could choose the ‘Giuggiola’ armchair, inspired by Matera's crocchie, as it is ideal for giving character and strength to your furniture.

Other on-trend colours

Other popular colours include ‘cobalt blue’ and ‘avocado green’ and if you like these shades, we recommend the ‘Mater Familias’ and ‘Fly’ sofas respectively.

Those looking for a more neutral colour that is still on-trend (such as camel) might consider the excellent ‘Regal_ model’ or the leather ‘Gianduia’, inspired by the smoothness of melt in your mouth chocolate.

Essential style

2023 is not only the year of colours but also of essentiality with an interest in few frills, simple, minimal lines and an elegant and ultra-contemporary style. Among the most essential Calia Italia models to consider is the ‘Venere’ sofa. With its thin, embracing structure that houses soft cushions, it promises experiences of pure comfort.