Calia Italia among companies representing the best of ‘Made in Italy’ in North Carolina

21 April 2023

Together with fashion, the world of design is one of the spearheads of ‘Made in Italy’ that is acclaimed and admired all over the world. One international showcase not to be missed is ‘High Point Market’ held in North Carolina, United States. Calia Italia is also participating in this very important fair that opens its doors to the best creative minds in the sector on 22nd April. 

Calia Italia models at ‘High Point Market’ 2023

‘High Point Market’ presents impressive numbers with over 2,000 exhibitors and more than 100 countries represented, the best of the international design and furniture world, including Calia Italia with our top models.

From the ‘Superior Collection’, we are presenting some of our ‘Gourmandise’ models, inspired by the shapes and gluttony of chocolate. The collection’s lead product is the ‘Gianduiotto’ sofa, which is open and deconstructed, with backrests and armrests that recall the famous chocolate and are made to be freely positionable, allowing for multiple seating positions.

From the same collection is the ‘Dragées’ model, which is a more structured version of the ‘Gianduiotto’ that favours a more composed and supported comfort. This elegant sofa is characterised by a slender base that gives it a light appearance while at the same time having soft, generous shapes that make it extremely inviting.

Accompanying the two sofas are the ‘Milla’ and ‘Silla’ armchairs, models with a 1970s style. The former is characterised by a round, enveloping backrest and the latter is inspired by the shape of a chair.

The ‘Superior Collection’ also includes the iconic ‘Jacob’ armchair, inspired by the design of bergère reading chairs, reinterpreted according to our brand’s style.

Lastly, the ‘Matheola’ sofa with its wide and generous seat is able to accommodate and give space and comfort to the whole family. This model was created with the surrounding land of Matera in mind, from which it takes its name. 

Also featuring in our ‘Modular Collection’ are the ‘Fox Trot’ and ‘Daisy’ models. The former is as soft and cosy as a quilt and has a curvy design created with geometric workmanship. With its linear and corner elements, chaise-longe and footstool, ‘Fox Trot’ allows you to create the composition that best suits your comfort experience. 

‘Daisy’, one our latest creations, was created from a concept that inspires cuddliness and sweetness. It is a model with a young soul that is a typical expression of modernity and stylish urban environments.

There is no shortage of our sofa bed models, among which ‘Dafne’ stands out. This model was created from the desire to combine a contemporary and sophisticated design with the need to recreate the comfort of a real bed and provide peaceful and relaxing nights.

Our sofa bed collection also includes ‘Luna’ and ‘Sole’, which feature two different seat heights to meet the needs of different customers. Finally, we have ‘Eclettico’, a modular sofa bed that features a minimalist design and offers the possibility of choosing between different armrest models that can adapt to any furnishing style. 

Last but not least, we have our ‘Premium Collection’ models. First up is the ‘Edo’ sofa that is characterised by a painted metal frame, an armrest that allows you to lie down and a tilting mechanism that increases its depth. But that’s not all, as the model’s ergonomic seating is also enhanced by a liftable headrest.

The ‘Lipari’ sofa, with a backrest that allows for perfect ergonomic seating, features an electric recliner and manually liftable headrest.

Finally, we also our armchairs. The elegant ‘Sandy’ is characterised by a metal frame and an unmistakable sense of comfort while the iconic ‘Hotel’ (a timeless classic by Calia Italia), with it’s vaguely ‘Deco’ style, is an embracing shell in which to find refuge.