Calia Italia at the Milan ‘Salone del Mobile 2023’ – an important year

21 April 2023

It’s a very important year for Calia Italia as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the death of our founder and the opening of our flagship store in Milan at Via Molino delle Armi 49. What’s more is that the company will participate in the 61st edition of the ‘Salone del Mobile’ in a new location, hall 14 stand B39 - C38, where our new collections will be presented. These products follow the latest trends in the sector and respond to the desire for contemporary comfort and functionality.

The products Calia Italia will present at the fair will be ‘trend focused’ and showcase models that are the result of a profound and incessant search for solutions to meet customers’ needs and desires – from conversation to comfort and rest.

Calia Italia at the ‘Salone del Mobile 2023’, our brand’s signature campaign

Announcing its presence at the fair, Calia Italia has created a campaign inviting partners, dealers and customers to visit the stand with a photo shoot inspired by the theme of sustainability.

Increasingly central to the ‘Salone del Mobile’, as well as to the major trade fairs in the sector, sustainability is also linked to Calia Italia’s campaign. Our concept of ‘waste’, which when recovered and processed by the skilful hands of our craftsman, takes on a new value and goes back to being raw material that gives life to new products capable of welcoming people with their comfort.

The title ‘The only comfort you need’ accompanies the photo shoot and represents an invitation to give importance to the things we really need.The valorisation of waste is a real commitment for our company. Calia Italia promotes recovery and recycling through iconic products such as the ‘Ferula’ armchair or the ‘U’Strozz’ footstool, which are in fact made with production waste.

Calia Italia at the Milan ‘Salone del Mobile’ 2023 – the concept of our new stand

At this year’s Salone del Mobile, Calia Italia is changing location and we are repositioning ourselves at the fair and in the market while always holding firm to our values. Our stand (B39 - C38) is located in Hall 14 and is divided into three areas. 

The first, central area is conceived as a courtyard and shows our company’s true strength – the ability to interpret customers’ desires through sofa and armchair models. In this area our new proposals will be presented alongside the great successes from our existing collections. The other two areas are represented by ‘side wings’. The first wing is aimed at a bourgeois public that loves wide, harmonious and muffled spaces with a prevalence of soft colours in shades of white-sand.

The second is more dynamic and aimed at a public with a feisty spirit. The models represented here are themselves dynamic with mechanisms and colours in shades of green that recall relaxed living spaces.

Calia Italia at the Milan ‘Salone del Mobile 2023’ – our star models

The main stars of the 61st edition of the ‘Salone del Mobile’ will firstly include our most successful models, including ‘Toby Wing’ (presented in a new version), the ‘Matheola’ sofa, the models from our ‘Gourmandise Collection’ and those from the ‘Mater Familias’ Collection.

Our new product in the ‘Gourmandise Collection’ is ‘Boero’, a sofa inspired by ‘Gianduiotto’, which has a ‘tray’ on which the tilting backrests of the ‘Boero’ rest. ‘Boero’ symbolises a chocolate with a heart as intense and ‘witty’ as the sofa’s backrests, which contain a dual mechanism that regulates the position of the backrest and the rotation of the headrest. These actuated mechanisms allow for customised ergonomics, giving it a versatility that allows this model to be experienced as a day bed or even create corner and chaise-longe compositions.

Meanwhile, in the ‘Mater Familias’ Collection, the ‘Venere’ model stands out in the peninsula version, a sofa that inaugurates new forms and uses and transforms the living room from a place of pure conversation to a place in which to experience new sensations of comfort.  

Among the armchairs, guests at the Milan fair will be able to admire this year’s ‘Doña G’, the fourth European iteration of the ‘Italian Lady’, ‘Giuggiola’. This joins the French (Madame G, also present at the fair) and English (Lady G) versions. ‘Doña G’ represents the new Spanish version and is distinguished by its back covered by a rigorous dress with a martingale decorated with fringes.

Remaining in the world of ‘Giuggiola’, another important new product is called ‘Viví’, an armchair characterised by a backrest inspired by that of ‘Madame G’ but considerably higher. This peculiarity transforms the model into a refuge for the soul, a small place where one can find oneself again.

Another sofa being presented at the fair is ‘Aplomb’, a model designed for contemporary middle-class living. Its deep seat makes it perfect for welcoming, conversing and entertaining but also for working, sleeping and ‘dreaming of better worlds’. This is a sofa that suits formal use thanks to the cushions resting on the backrest and is emphasised by a decorative seam. It is an extremely versatile model that can create highly customised configurations to meet every need.

Finally, ‘Sommier’ is a new sofa in our ‘Modular Collection’, which presents itself as a true central platform for living, working, socialising and relaxing. It features a modular system with generous dimensions and sculptured shapes, making it versatile and ‘multifunctional’. Thanks to tilting mechanisms on which the backrests and armrests rest, its seat can be exploited in both depth and width, until it becomes a comfortable bed.  An additional mechanism inside the backrest allows the headrest to be adjusted. 

To conclude, 18th to 23rd April is an appointment that you simply can’t miss, especially when you consider that since 1961 the ‘Salone del Mobile 2023’ in Milan has been the main promotional channel for Italian exports of furniture and furnishing accessories. 

We look forward to seeing you at Calia Italia’s new location, stand B39 / C38 in hall 14! Don't miss it!