How to choose a sofa for your second home.

30 juillet 2020

As summer approaches, so too does the long-awaited return to the second homes that we enjoy during bank holidays and vacations. However, it’s often the case that the furniture in these houses has not been changed for a long time.

The reasons for this often vary. Perhaps it’s the distance, the lack of time we have or sometimes even the natural sense of attachment to objects that have always been there and play an important role in our lives. The secret, when it comes to our second homes, is not to completely transform the rooms but instead to refresh them by changing only a single element and thereby giving a new light to the whole place.

To guarantee the best results, the single element to change is the sofa and choosing a new model for your second home has many advantages.

First of all, the sofa in our holiday home will never look like the one we have in town but it will be in line with the environment that surrounds it whether that be the mountains, the sea or the countryside. This can allow us to release our creativity and maybe choose a model we have never had before.

Secondly, we can opt for a model that is also a bed and in this way we can combine the design and comfort experience of our new sofa with the convenience of having extra places to accommodate family or friends.

The choice must, therefore, focus on a model that meets every need for comfort during the day but that is both easy to open and comfortable to sleep on.

Though our second home is usually a comfortable refuge where we seek quietness and relaxation it can often also be the place where we enjoy inviting loved ones to spend days on holiday. For this reason the search for the perfect sofa bed can not disregard basic factors – primarily the optimisation of living space for several people.

If our house is small, a sofa bed becomes an essential element for the whole family and we must pay extreme attention to the choice of models and appropriate sizes. If, on the other hand, our place is large and it allows us to dedicate a lot of space to the sofa, we are free to choose a model that allows us to create particular compositions whilst also offering a comfortable bed for the night.

But what are the three fundamental principles to follow when choosing a sofa bed for your second home?

1 Design: find a model that not only perfectly fits your style but also the environment of your place and the rest of the furniture.

2 Comfort: choose a model that doesn’t only give you a comfort experience during the day but also at night thanks to a mattress of the right thickness that is made with high quality materials.

3 Functionality: opt for a model that is easy to open and turn into a bed whilst also considering all the other furnishing accessories that surround it. Also, it shouldn’t cause any obstacles.

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