Modular sofas: why choose one?

17 juillet 2023

All the advantages of a modular sofa – the latest furnishing accessory that can change the face of your living room. With Calia Italia you can choose from many modular models.

The latest development in furniture design is the modular sofa, which has become extremely popular and is increasingly in demand in recent years. So, what is it? A modular sofa is a piece of furniture composed of different parts called modules, which are independent and can be linked together to create a seating area within your living room. The most innovative aspect of a modular designer sofa is that these modules can be arranged differently depending on personal requirements, the size of the room and the type of furniture desired. Indeed this is why it is called a ‘modular’ sofa as it is extremely flexible and adaptable, allowing you to take a central role in its ‘creation’. Connecting the individual modules is also very simple, and depending on the model there are clips or clamps that allow the various parts to be joined together as desired. This means that if you would like to reorganise your living room and move the furniture around, you can reconfigure your sofa as you like – whenever you like.

Modular Sofa Features

The special characteristics of a modular sofa are flexibility and adaptability and there are very different types of models depending on what you choose. In fact, a modular sofa can have a very simple type of design, in which the furnishing element has few connectable elements or it can have a more complex structure. Each module can have different functions, such as armrests, backrests or seat cushions. Some products also have integrated or additional functions, including backrests with seat adjustment or pull-out beds and storage compartments. One example from Calia Italia of a modular system with a multifunctional design is ‘Sommier’. This model is characterised by the tilting mechanisms on which the backrests and armrests rest, allowing the seat to be fully exploited both in depth and width as well as expanding the usable surface to create a comfortable bed. It is a modular sofa model suitable for a large living area that can accommodate the generous shapes of this furnishing accessory.

In terms of style, modern modular sofas come in very different covers and colours depending on the customer’s taste and so there is a wide range of choice. The value of ergonomics in the study and realisation of sofas makes it possible to create modules that are as appealing to the eye as they are functional in customising the seating. An example of this from the Calia Italia ‘Modular Collection’ is the ‘Hip Hop’ sofa – our brand’s bestseller. Its particular shape makes it unique from both an aesthetic and ergonomic point of view while its silhouette creates a soft curve that unites the seat and lumbar support and accommodates the body. It is completed with a soft cushion. ‘Hip Hop’ is a true icon among the Calia Italia creations and also features modules with an electric recliner for even more customisable comfort.

Characterised by a quilted workmanship that emphasises the soft, rounded look of the side, the ‘Zip’ modular sofa by Calia Italia is a perfect example of the combination of style and versatility and it is also available in a vintage leather version with a retro feel for a timeless product.

For a modern furnishing style

So there is no shortage of modular sofa examples that can be adapted to give a classic and timeless furniture look. This is because the choice of this furnishing accessory is adaptable to whatever the look of your living room is. If you love Scandinavian and minimalist design you can opt for a modular sofa in light colours and clean lines, while if you want to recreate a warmer and cosier atmosphere you can opt for a modular sofa in brighter shades and soft fabrics. Here are two examples from Calia Italia that are perfect for demonstrating how varied this type of sofa is. Firstly, ‘Daisy’, with a design inspired by the playful shapes of marshmallows, is modern and versatile and ideal for young families eager to cuddle up. It also comes in 3D fabric. Next, we have a model inspired by the shapes of chocolate from which it takes its name: ‘Cremino’. This sofa is characterised by modules with multifaceted shapes, sculptural geometries and rounded corners as well as added elements such as the ‘footstool knot’ and ‘coffee table base’, which are interspersed with corner bases or special elements such as the ‘dormeuse’ base or a chaise-longe. It’s the best example of the incredible variety that a modular sofa can have. 

Durability and maintenance

In terms of longevity, modular sofas are products of great value by virtue of the high quality of the materials used and this is precisely because these furnishing complements are composed of several modules that are produced separately. Calia Italia guarantees excellence in all its products with the choice of materials both for the structure and for the padding and upholstery.

Naturally, maintaining these sofas through prevention and cleaning can also contribute to the product’s longevity. Since a modular sofa is a removable type of model, it is very easy to maintain and you can simply remove the covers and follow the instructions for cleaning the furniture and keeping it perfectly hygienic. The covers are also easy to change if you want to change the design of your living room as you can simply buy new ones without having to buy a new sofa. To find out how to keep your sofa looking good over time, you can consult our guide with all our tricks for sofa maintenance.

A modular sofa is also a long-term investment from the point of view of environmental sustainability, which is an increasingly pressing issue in modern times. Since it is only possible to exchange or replace individual modules that are really needed, unnecessary waste is avoided, contributing to environmental protection. The production chain itself is more environmentally friendly as less energy and material is used in the production of the individual modules and, if we also consider the simplified transport with the associated reduction in CO2 emissions, we can call a modular sofa a green sofa without fear of contradiction.

When should you choose a modular sofa?

As we have seen, there are many good reasons to buy a modular sofa. However, if we had to give specific advice, we would especially suggest it to families. Due to the presence of the different modules and the practicality inherent in this type of design, this type of furnishing accessory is (in our opinion) ideal for optimising space and accommodating all family members. It is also an excellent choice for those who like to have guests in the house. Let’s not forget also that today it is very trendy to have a modular sofa in your living room, with which you can change the arrangement of your furniture periodically by taking advantage of its peculiarity.

All that’s left to do is to invite you to take a look at the Calia Italia catalogue and choose the modular sofa that best suits your space and design needs.