Corner sofas and how to choose them.

27 août 2020

If you are looking for a piece of furniture that becomes the center of home life, then the choice can only be a corner sofa. A perfect mix of conviviality, comfort and design, it is able to furnish an environment without the need for other accessories.

Often, our main fear may concern the amount of space we have available. Yet in reality, in recent years corner sofas have become popular again for their modularity and functionality.

Versatile and with great visual impact, the ‘L-shaped sofa’ can create an island dedicated to relaxation in any living room. It is able to accommodate more guests and offer them a comfortable environment – especially when combined with the right rug or coffee table.

Not to mention that corner sofas can naturally define spaces in the case of open spaces. They are also perfect along walls – especially when the room has many doors or windows.

Last but not least, when you sit on a corner sofa in company, you can sit facing each other, which certainly makes for a pleasant conversation!
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