Modular – A collection by Calia Italia

3 septembre 2020

With cozy shapes, forms and dimensions that have a contemporary or more classic style, attention to detail and attention to practicality, Calia Italia has always been inspired by the sheer beauty of its land. It is this unmistakable Mediterranean DNA that characterises Calia Italia and allows us to create products that are distinguished by design and comfort – made in Matera but reaching homes around the world.

With a wide and complete offer, which is capable of continuously renewing and enriching itself, Calia Italia is now able to offer over forty new models a year whilst designing its products around its customers’ needs.

With the ‘Modular Collection’, Calia Italia launches a new concept of interior design: ‘The space becomes yours’. The sofa becomes a dynamic, flexible object, created to be customised by those who choose it. Seats, chaise-longues, footstools and recliner versions finished on all sides can be composed and disassembled endlessly, while a wide range of colours and shapes allows you to give the model its own style and character. The product is conceived, designed and manufactured by the company, but finds its maximum expression when it enters the home environment and plunges into a dimension of design and life – in which everyone is the designer of their own space and comfort experience.

Fox Trot’ is one of the bestsellers in the ‘Modular Collection’. Its distinctive feature is represented by the lozenge workmanship that (combined with the sinuous design of the seat) transforms the sofa into a soft and welcoming nest, which envelops and gives a total comfort experience. Composed of linear and angular elements, a chaise-longue and footstool, ‘Fox Trot’ allows you to create the perfect composition that fulfils your wishes.

Tango’ is a modular sofa that interprets the dynamism of contemporary life and transforms it into an experience of comfort. It is a model that combines linear shapes and chromatic effects to give life to compositions and it is made to welcome and converse. Thanks to a tilting mechanism, the back of the sofa (enriched by a soft feather cushion) changes position thereby increasing the depth of the seat.

Calia Italia is constantly in search of innovations and styles that arise from exposure to the outside world. In the ‘Modular Collection’, one of the most important projects in this sense is ‘Modula’, a sofa designed by Daniele Della Porta that in 2016 was included in the ADI DESIGN INDEX and won the Excellence of Design Award of Lazio. Composed of modules with soft shapes and high and welcoming backrests, ‘Modula’ includes elements made in three different widths that allow for the creation of infinite combinations and solutions for environments of any size. The armrest (also available in the large version) can act as a container and provides a wooden cover for the use of a computer or as a stable base on which to place other objects. It can also be equipped with lights, drinks holders or chargers for tablets and smartphones.

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