On trend sofas: the best models in 2021

12 avril 2021

Are you looking for a new sofa to revamp your living area? If ‘contemporary’ is the key word for your new decor, don’t miss out on the most popular models for 2021!

Furnishing your home in style: trends in sofas

The 2021 furnishing trends reflect the period we are living in and more and more value is being given to the sofa. No longer considered just the temple of relaxation and leisure, the sofa is now also a furnishing accessory used for multiple functions.

With the home having returned to the forefront of our minds, it is therefore not surprising that the desire to purchase a latest generation sofa has emerged. Today we’re looking for a sofa that combines the need for greater comfort and quality with the desire to renew the style of the home in a more modern way – without necessarily having to change all the other accessories and furnishings in our living rooms.

If you are curious to find out which model will win your heart (and make it into your living room), take a look at the latest trends in colours, fabrics, design and functionality.

Divano Calia Italia Lazy Pantone 2021

Sofa colour trends in 2021

The colour of your sofa is becoming increasingly important as it can undoubtedly add a touch of class to your living room. If you want to focus on the hottest shades in 2021 (and get a sofa that will be a real ‘fashionista’) then don’t forget about the colours of the year. Ultimate Gray (Pantone 17-5104) and Illuminating Yellow (Pantone 13-0647) are the colours chosen by Pantone to usher in a new season of rebirth after the gloomy months of 2020. Though it may seem like a daring combination, it could bring brightness and harmony to your entire home. To get an idea of its potential, just take a look at the Lazy model by Calia Italia, which comes in the Pantone colours and is a modular sofa with rounded lines inspired by those of a cushion.

If you’re not a fan of colour contrasts, another on trend colour for sofas is Brave Ground, a warm, neutral shade inspired by earthy colours. It’s an extremely elegant colour that is well suited to any home environment where you want to create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere.

Divano Calia Italia Toby Wing

Space for multi-functionality: Sofas with wings

Over the past year, the sofa has become our favourite place to work, the perfect place to rest and an ideal place to spend a weekend. Replacing the office, the cinema or even the bed from time to time, the 2021 sofa must be adaptable to all our new needs. This is why, thanks to contemporary technology, the latest generation of sofas have extendable seats, armrests and backrests that can be raised and lowered as required. The Toby Wing model by Calia Italia is the ultimate expression of this philosophy and, indeed, the name says it all – Toby ‘Wing’. It is called like this because the armrests and backrest can ‘take flight’ allowing the sofa seat to extend in length and become a real day-bed.

Divano Calia Italia Art Nouveau

Classic sofas? Say ‘Yes’ to vintage (and the English style)

Contemporary is…also classic. In recent years, in fact, vintage has come back into fashion. From clothing to the rediscovery of retro objects (such as record players and vinyls), trends that give a nod to the past have also swept through the home furnishing sector. If you’re dreaming of having a living room worthy of a Regency-era English lady, 2021 is your year. Chesterfield models are back in vogue and so too are English capitonné sofas inspired by carriage interiors, famous for their elegant lines and incredible comfort. If you are looking for a chic and more modern version of the timeless Chesterfield, let Calia Italia’s Art Nouveau sofa enchant you with its light and enveloping structure and elegant and refined lines.

Divano Calia Italia Venere

Comfort first: plenty of cushions

Even in the most minimalist models, the watchword for 2021 is ‘comfort’. Many contemporary sofas are composed of large, soft cushions that ensure maximum comfort, such as the Venere model from Calia Italia’s Mater Familias collection. Although it is inspired by the principles of essentiality and can adapt to even the smallest of spaces, it does not forego on large cushions for the seats and armrests that provide an unparalleled comfort experience.

Room for one more? Modular models

Finally, we can’t fail to mention modular sofas, which can be composed and customised according to one’s needs and the size of the room. A timeless trend in recent years, the possibility of combining colours and types of seats has become even more important this year. Indeed today we are becoming more and more aware of the needs that a sofa can satisfy in terms of aesthetics, space optimisation and, above all, the comfort experience.