5 ideas for decorating your living room during the holidays

16 janvier 2023

It’s not just about the tree, decorations and centrepieces. If you love the holiday spirit, now is the right time to transform your home!

How to furnish your living room during the holidays with armchairs and sofas

The holidays are also a magical time for the home and if you believe in the atmosphere of this period, you might choose to celebrate it with special furniture. It’s not only about lights and baubles either, even your sofa and armchair can ‘dress up for the holidays’ and give you and your family beautiful and unforgettable memories.

Sofas and armchairs for the holidays: 5 furnishing tips

Cushions, throws and decorations are among the most popular items to furnish your sofa and armchairs during the festive season, but choosing the right combinations is not always obvious. Here are five tips based on the type of furniture in your home.

#1. How to decorate your sofa and armchair with a Christmas theme if you have a contemporary décor

If you have a contemporary living room, your party decorations should be in line with this style. Perfect examples are the ‘Matheola’ sofa by Calia Italia, large enough to accommodate the whole family, and the Norman armchair, essential in its lines but with a golden finish. To decorate them at their best, you can focus on plaid-style throws and modern cushions that recall Christmas colours, from forest green to white and brown. Then light some candles to create the atmosphere and if you also have a tree, place it behind the corner of the sofa and... there you go!

#2. How to furnish your sofa and armchair during the holidays if you have a country chic décor

Do you love more rustic, yet chic décor, perfect for a mountain or country home? If this is your favourite style of furniture, you could indulge in classic festive decorations. To furnish a sofa like Calia Italia’s ‘Venere’ or the ‘Giuggiola’ armchair, you can use large throws and cushions with red, green and tartan patterns and themed sofa covers.

#3. How to furnish your sofa and armchair for the holidays if you have a total white décor

If total white is your favourite choice when it comes to sofas and armchairs, transforming your furniture for the holidays is easy as you will be reminded of the whiteness of snow in just seconds! If you have a deep, elegant sofa like the ‘Fly’ and a more restrained armchair like the closed-base ‘Milla', you can play on contrasting shapes by matching them together and you can decorate them with white throws and cushions, as well as set up the rest of the living room with total white decorations. To add a bit of colour, go for some gold tinsel.

#4. How to furnish your sofa and armchair for the holidays if you have an industrial décor

Industrial furniture might not seem suitable for the festive season, but in fact the colours, which tend to be warm, are ideal for this purpose. To recreate the festive atmosphere, a recommended combination is the ‘Toby Wing’ sofa by Calia Italia, a large model that can be transformed into an actual day-bed, and the ‘Gerrit’ armchair, a modern interpretation of the classic reading chair. Indeed, what could be better than spending the holidays relaxing with a good film and then moving to your armchair to read a good book? Of course we can’t forget the decorations and if you have chosen a leather sofa, especially in shades of brown, it will be very easy to match it with cushions and throws in shades of red, green and brown. All you need is a reading lamp to warm up the atmosphere....and you’ll be ready to celebrate in a big way!

#5. How to furnish your sofa and armchair for the holidays if you have a romantic chic décor

Finally, if the decor you prefer is romantic and elegant, this style can also be adopted for festive parties. In this case, you should focus on light and pastel colours, from the choice of decorations to cushions and throws for your sofa and armchair. Pastel pink, mauve green, cream and gold are the preferred shades that can create a romantic and warm effect. Among the Calia Italia models that reflect this style are the ‘Gianduiotto Jr’ or the ‘Cremino’, two deconstructed sofas par excellence with chocolate-inspired shapes. 

For armchairs, the ‘Gianduiotto Jr’ can be combined with the beautiful ‘Jacob’, reminiscent of the classic bergère reading chair, while the modern ‘Cremino’ goes perfectly with the ‘Drusilla’ armchair, with its 1970s touch. This is a contrast between classic and contemporary that makes the whole interior more romantic.