The ‘Hotel’ armchair by Calia Italia – the original gangster turns 25

9 октября 2023

Since 1998, the ‘Hotel’ armchair has been the most copied armchair in the world. Today, the creation of designers Grazia Lionetti and Saverio Calia turns 25 years old. We are celebrating it with new versions, in America, where it all began by reclaiming the design of one of the most iconic armchairs of the Calia Italia brand.

Twenty-five years and counting. It’s been twenty-five years and counting since the Hotel armchair (first designed in 1997) was first presented during the High Point Market trade fair in North Carolina in 1998. High Point Market is the largest furniture and design fair in the world, with an exhibition space of over 180 buildings and a meeting place for over 2000 exhibitors from all over the planet.

In 1998 the ‘Hotel’ armchair was a success. Its design with soft, elegant lines caught the public’s attention and became the star of the entire collection. Published in the same year in FURNITURE TODAY, one of the most famous American weekly magazines dedicated to the US furniture industry, the ‘Hotel’ armchair became the most copied model in the world. Indeed the ‘Hotel’ armchair can be found in every upholstered furniture district, either as a duplication of the original design or as a new interpretation.

Today, the copy of that magazine is proof of the authenticity of the Calia Italia design of the product and it’s something we’re very attached to because the success of the ‘Hotel’ describes our company. It tells of our values, our story and our identity.

“Having invested from the outset in design, innovation and the enhancement of human capital has contributed to the development of our corporate culture, brought out the identity features of our brand and made the company successful and recognisable on the market,” explains Saverio Calia, General Manager of Marketing and Development at Calia Italia.“It is a source of pride for us because it was designed by a very young designer, Grazia Lionetti, who is still active in our Research Centre today.”

In fact, the ‘Hotel’ armchair continues to be produced uninterruptedly to this day and is distributed in over 80 countries worldwide. Today, after 25 years, during the High Point Market 2023 exhibition, we are republishing it in the same magazine and taking it right back to where it all began.

To celebrate the history of our armchair, we are introducing new versions: a chaise-longue with asymmetrical armrests, a three-seater sofa and a highly original oval footstool. This complete and versatile project will once again express the style and design of Calia Italia with great character – now recognisable throughout the world.

With its hallmark Art Deco lines and shapes, this armchair is characterised by a wooden base and rounded, embracing shapes, making the design of the armchair timeless and uniquely comfortable. It comes in leather/fabric.

1997, The original gangster

The new 2023 versions: a chaise-longue with asymmetrical armrests, a three-seater sofa and a highly original oval footstool.