‘Salon de Meuble 2023’, 5 to 8 November

6 ноября 2023

Calia Italia presents a selection of its best models at the ‘Salon de Meuble’ – a trade fair for the home sector taking place in Brussels from 5 November.

A full 66,000 square metres of exhibition space await all visitors to the ‘Salon de Meuble’ (from 5 to 8 November), which has been held in the city of Brussels since 1937. Calia Italia returns to one of the most important appointments of the trade fair season in the home and furnishing sector, presenting some of our top models from our various collections. The ‘Salon de Meuble’ in Brussels has transformed itself over time into a crossroads where companies and design professionals from numerous continental European countries converge, including from Spain to Great Britain and from France to the Scandinavian countries. Like every year, the fair takes place at the Brussels Expo, a prestigious location that is the largest exhibition space in Belgium and boasts wonderful Art Deco buildings.

Calia Italia models on display

Calia Italia armchairs and sofas will be the stars of the show and they will proudly represent the vitality and creativity of ‘Made in Italy’ – recognised all over the world for high craftsmanship and industrial value. So which models will Calia Italia be presenting from its various collections? Among the modular sofas, the ‘Fox Trot Relax’ impresses with its sinuous, embracing design and the possibility it offers of creating numerous different combinations with the various linear and corner elements available. It is now also available in the ‘Relax’ version and thanks to the inclusion of the ‘TOUCH PED’ control it is possible to tilt the backrest and extend the footrest to an almost lying position.

Other top models that will be on display in Brussels include ‘Dragées’, one of the most elegant sofas in the Calia Italia ‘Superior collection’, featuring a slender, tray-like base supporting a finely decorated sofa. There will also be ‘Oscar’, a linear and contemporary example of a sofa, which is ideal for any living room and comes in leather or fabric and with recliner mechanisms on request.

Calia Italia armchairs at the Brussels trade fair

Since its inception, Calia Italia has made a name for itself in the world of furniture for the aesthetic beauty and comfort of its armchairs – and you could hardly say that there will be a shortage of models on display here at the Brussels fair.

Let's start with a Calia Italia classic like ‘Jacob’. This armchair features a soft upholstered seat that combines natural leathers and fine fabrics and is inspired by the classic style of bergère reading chairs.

Then there is the ‘Silla’ armchair, which will be presented in its oak version with a minimalist style and Scandinavian flair. This armchair is characterised by a backrest that is separated from the seat and connected to it by feet that rise externally, giving it a design very similar to that of a chair –hence its name ‘Silla’, which means ‘chair’ in Spanish.

Going back to the sofas that we will be presenting at the ‘Salon de Meuble’, there will also be models from our ‘Premium Collection’. ‘Alba’ is extremely comfortable thanks to the tilting mechanisms that modulate the depth of the seat. This technological quality is also present in another model, ‘Sommier', which represents one of the most generous examples of seating among all of our modular sofas, allowing you to modify both the width and depth to create a comfortable bed.

So all that remains is to come and admire all the various Calia Italia models at the ‘Salon de Meuble 2023’ in Brussels from Sunday 5 to Wednesday 8 November, the perfect opportunity to appreciate our latest new products in the furnishing accessories sector within such a wonderful setting as the Brussels Expo.