Your virtual experience: the frontier of comfort in Calia Italia

21 April 2020

“Your Virtual Experience” of Calia Italia has begun. It’s a path that was created as a natural evolution and completion of “Your Comfort Experience” and it’s nourished by the values at the base of our brand. Using not only technology but above all, emotion, we are developing numerous projects to offer consumers the opportunity to enter our world in an increasingly interactive and engaging way.

The 3D Configurator project launches Calia Italia’s ‘Your Virtual Experience’.

Developed for professional use and now made available to all of our customers with an initial limited collection of our bestsellers, the Calia Italia 3D Configurator is a web tool that allows you to shape the sofa you want from the comfort of your home, using your computer or tablet.

Once you have created your ideal sofa, you will be able to get in touch with your nearest store to request detailed information and receive the best offer on the chosen product.

Calia Italia’s 3D Configurator has features that make it suitable for everyone and are capable of turning every desire for comfort into reality.


The Calia Italia 3D Configurator is available online using the most popular and commonly used devices, i.e. computers or tablets.

Recommended browsers:
• Google Chrome for PC and Android tablet.
• Google Chrome or Safari for iPad.

Required hardware:
• 4 Gb RAM for optimal performance (minimum 3 Gb).


The Calia Italia 3D Configurator is easy and intuitive to use and allows you to create a high quality 3D image of your chosen model.


Calia Italia’s 3D Configurator offers you the possibility to choose your sofa with the smallest of details – from the model to the composition, from the fabric to the colour. Once the project has been realised it puts you in contact with the nearest point of sale to receive the best offer.

Finally the moment has arrived to try your first Calia Italia Virtual Experience and realise your desire for comfort with our 3D Configurator.