Changing sofa covers

21 Juni 2023

Would you like to revamp your sofa? Here is a guide to get it done properly.

One of the best ways to renew the style of a living room is to change the sofa upholstery. If the internal structure and the upholstery are of high quality, your sofa will certainly last a long time. For this reason, there’s no need to change your actual furniture, but simply renew it by choosing a new fabric and perhaps even changing the colour!

Calia Italia manufactures sofas and armchairs renowned for craftsmanship, design and the highest quality of materials and workmanship. What’s more we offer our customers a range of leather and fabric coverings to meet every need in terms of style and functionality.

How to change your sofa cover

There may be many reasons why you are considering changing your sofa cover. Perhaps time and use are visible, even if only on the surface. Maybe the quality of the sofa is excellent and you don’t want to change it but only renew its style. You might simply just wish to add colour to your living room with your new cover. There are essentially three elements to consider when it comes to changing your sofa covering:

  • The size of the sofa
  • The type of material
  • The professionals to whom you turn

Once the most suitable sofa upholstery fabric has been chosen, it will be up to the upholsterer to carry out the work, adapting it to the features of the furnishing accessory. It’s important to bear in mind that classic sofas are more richly decorated and tend to require more time and manual skill than modern products, which are more linear and square in design. It is possible to choose between different materials to change the sofa covering, with the most popular being: leather/eco-leather, cotton, microfibre, jacquard, satin and velvet. To ensure your sofa’s longevity, it is useful to choose water-repellent and stain/scratch-resistant materials, which ensure a long service life that is child-, dog- and cat-proof.

DIY solutions

Cotton is undoubtedly favoured for its versatility and practicality while linen is an excellent alternative to keep the sofa cool even during the warmer seasons. Leather or leatherette upholstery is favoured for its vintage charm and has a very wide availability of colours while synthetic fibres have a higher level of resistance, making them particularly suitable for those with pets. Let’s not forget about damask fabrics also. After a period of decline they are back in the limelight, but you have to know how to match them well with the rest of the furniture to create the perfect refined atmosphere in your living room.

With a wide choice of material available, changing the upholstery of a sofa is undoubtedly the best way to revamp your living area. The costs naturally vary according to the fabric with leather or velvet involving higher costs per metre than cotton or synthetic fibres. In addition, the shape and size of your sofa must also be taken into account in the estimate, with, for example, a two-seater model involving a different outlay than a corner sofa covering.

However, even low-cost tricks can be enough to renew the look of your sofa and with a little imagination and a touch of originality you can breathe new life into your living room for very little! For example, plaids, blankets and cushions can be strategically placed to cover stains or spots that are more worn or torn – perhaps with themed patterns depending on the season. Sofa covers are as quick and convenient as they are economical and there are numerous models on the market, from shield covers to elastic and waterproof ones that are also excellent for pets whilst offering necessary protection and ease of cleaning.

However, sometimes people might feel the need to change their sofa cover for purely aesthetic reasons, such as just having a sense of change in the living room or experiencing some different colour schemes at home. This is why modular sofas can be a winning solution by creating new kinds of furnishing solutions or even just adding a footstool to go with your sofa. These simple measures can have a far from insignificant impact on the style of your furniture.

Calia Italia’s ‘Modular Collection’ is entirely dedicated to sofas that can be customised in every aspect and can be composed and decomposed endlessly in different shapes and colours.

The latest trends for transforming your living room

Staying with aesthetics, we can’t ignore the latest trends in living room looks. For example, the Scandinavian style, which has enjoyed great popularity in recent years with its minimalist impact, is now being mixed with touches of colour and so changing your sofa covering can be the focal element in creating a new colour harmony. For instance, you might consider choosing models in ochre, turquoise or green as an alternative to grey, black or white.

Floral motifs in country prints also offer excellent solutions for cushions and sofa covers, while the Mid-Century style has maintained for a few years now through textured canvases, velvets and fabrics such as jacquard or jute that give a very 1950s look.

Among the in-trend colours is sea blue, which is suitable for all types of fabric and can be a great alternative to the classic grey or beige. For leather sofas you might dare to try a mustard yellow or burgundy, while bright colours are absolutely recommended for fabric sofas. Surprisingly, next to the more classic white, grey and blue, among the most sought-after colours for sofa covers is candy pink, with cushions alternating between pink and white.

But the real star of 2023 is ‘Viva Magenta’, a variation of red that expresses strength and vigour. Indeed if you want to be on-trend at the moment, you simply have to choose a sofa cover in this shade.

So this brings us to the end of our overview of sofa upholstery trends in terms of colours, fabrics and patterns. Depending on the style of your living room, you can find the optimal solution at an affordable price-quality ratio. What’s more, if you opt for a direct change of furnishing accessory, all you have to do is consult the vast Calia Italia catalogue to find the sofa or armchair best suited to your needs.