Velvet sofas – a timeless classic

14 Juli 2023

Why choose a velvet sofa? Here are the main advantages of an upholstery that is still chosen by many who wish to give their living room a touch of timeless elegance.

Refined, comfortable and adaptable to a variety of furnishing styles, velvet sofas (thanks to certain intrinsic characteristics) are a furnishing accessory that is not affected by the passage of time. Both modern and classic velvet sofas boast hues that enhance any type of colour, resulting in a triumph of stylistic eclecticism. However, more than anything, the warmth and softness of this type of fabric makes it extremely pleasant to the touch, so sitting or lying down on a velvet sofa is like being enveloped in a tender caress that embraces the entire body. This story of mutual attraction between velvet and sofas has lasted practically since time immemorial, surviving fashions and trends unscathed. While it is true that their shape and appearance are instinctively associated with a classic taste, there are also velvet sofas with modern designs that can be adapted with greater flexibility to a living room furnished with more contemporary styles – without losing any of their innate class.

Special characteristics of velvet sofas

We have already emphasised the softness to the touch of velvet, which is certainly one of its greatest qualities. As we will see later though, it does require more care in maintenance than other fabrics and coverings. From the point of view of elegance, velvet sofas are the best for those who want to give their living area a chic and romantic atmosphere, seeking harmony and consonance between the present and the past. Velvet is a warm material that can give pleasant shades of colour, contributing to giving the environment a sophisticated touch. You can play with chromatic contrasts by choosing a velvet sofa in the opposite colour to the rest of the living room furnishings in order to enhance the mixture of styles. You can also adapt it perfectly to a classic and retro style where neutral and tone-on-tone colours predominate.

If you are looking for elegant velvet sofas, Calia Italia proposes the ‘Art Noveau’ model. This model stands out among our various available models for its slender, enveloping structure, which is enriched by the capitonné work, while the external profile highlights the sloping shape of the shell. Indeed it is the most shining example of how to combine the experience of comfort with a touch of pronounced elegance, making it ideal for high-class living rooms.

The choice of colours

As far as colour combinations and the choice of colours are concerned, the most modern trends for velvet sofas see blue, green and burgundy triumph, which can be appreciated both by those looking for a vintage effect and by those looking for a furnishing accessory in a brighter shade. Grey, pink and mustard are also very popular and we have produced a special guide to help you choose the most suitable colour combination for your furnishing accessory.

There are several velvet upholstered models suitable for welcoming guests with style and elegance among the modern sofas that Calia Italia offers. The ‘Mater Familias’ sofa (belonging to the collection of the same name) is characterised by a fork-shaped foot, a layered seat and a thin, enveloping structure. Then there’s the ‘Nicolas’, which manages to combine the refinement of velvet with modern and sophisticated elements such as an electric recliner and a manually liftable headrest. Finally, we also have ‘Gianduiotto’, from the ‘Gourmandise Collection’, which is characterised by a thin base on which the seat rests and by a backrest and armrest that can be freely positioned to allow multiple positions.

As you can see, there are so many different opportunities allowing you to find the right elegant furnishing accessory for your living room – both in terms of available space and furnishing style.

How to clean velvet sofas

In pointing out the pros and cons of velvet sofas, many industry experts note that velvet may not be suitable when dealing with small children or pets, since hair and scratches can ruin the upholstery and stains are more difficult to remove. However, do not despair! Although velvet sofas require more care and frequent cleaning (due to them attracting more dust than fabric or leather) it is still possible to adequately maintain them in terms of hygiene and prevention without having to give up on the idea.

So how do you clean velvet sofas? With a little vinegar and a few drops of detergent, you can make your sofa like new again.  All you need is white vinegar, dishwashing liquid, a cloth and a brush with soft bristles. First you must brush to remove crumbs, hair and all external and superficial agents present on the covering. Next, you must dip the bristles of the brush in a solution with the same quantity of vinegar and lukewarm water. Just remember to rub the sofa gently following the direction.

After waiting for a few hours, you can gently dab the covering. Now in a basin of lukewarm water you pour a few drops of detergent and stir to create a foam. At this point you have to dip a soft cloth into the solution and wipe it over any stains or halos. You can help speed up the drying process by using a hair dryer held at a distance of about 15 centimetres. Finally you can complete your cleaning operation by adding a little lavender talcum powder without exaggerating the quantity, so as to give your velvet sofa a fresh and clean scent. This is the correct procedure for cleaning velvet sofas from stains, but from the point of view of prevention, remember that there are also special covers and slipcovers on the market to protect your furnishing accessory. Who says that we have to renounce an elegant living room just because we have children or four-legged friends!? With a few simple measures you can enjoy your velvet sofa in all its splendour without any worries.


In Calia Italia’s Collections, you can choose from a wide range of sofa models that come in velvet and offer a variety of sizes, which can be adapted to small rooms or placed in open-plan living rooms. Some sofas offer a minimalist and essential style, whilst others are more enriched with decorations and details, but what counts (beyond one’s taste), is to calculate well the available space and place a furnishing accessory that can meet one’s needs. Whether putting it against the wall or in the centre of the room, the important thing is to capture the light well whilst optimising the available space.

Chaise-longe or peninsula models that can be positioned either to the right or left offer an incomparable space for relaxation – made all the more so by adding the warmth and softness of velvet to the extra-large dimensions. Who could ask for anything more in terms of comfort? Whether it is a 2, 3 or 4-seater model, with or without a peninsula, with extendable or fixed seats, Calia Italia offers a rich catalogue of sofas and armchairs from which to choose – and velvet is available for all our products along with many other coverings.